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Friday, December 7, 2018

Moreland City Council recognises Pneuvay as local success

It was wonderful to see the Moreland City Council recently publish a story recognizing our success in expanding internationally by joining the Pneu Powders group.

Pneuvay Engineering is located in Coburg, Melbourne, and has been a proud part of the Moreland municipality for over 30 years. We have been a notable local employer and an active community supporter of our inner north area, so recognition by our local council is much appreciated.

Moreland's Press Release

This is what the Moreland City Council had to say:

This established engineering company has expanded its business reach into the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East by joining with a larger international company while still maintaining its independence.

Pneuvay Engineering was formed in 1982 as a small design and consultancy engineering firm. Over the past several decades it has evolved into an Australian leader in the design and supply of pneumatic conveying systems – using air or in some cases inert gases to propel bulk materials such as cement, sugar, plastics, mining dusts and organic grains long distances in specially engineered pipes.

As the company's capability and client base has grown, so too has its reputation. It has been shipping products throughout Australia and to overseas destinations such as Fiji and the United Kingdom, for many years, but in 2015 they experienced a steady rise in demand from Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines and the US.

"We built our reputation and brand name by consistently supplying quality products and services, retaining and leveraging our substantial industry experience and continually improving our expertise with research and development," says Michael Francis, who, along with Gary Smith, were the owners of Pneuvay.

In 2017 Michael and Gary began discussions with Pneu Powders Systems, an Asia-Pacific industry leader with offices in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and now Australia. In December 2017 Pneuvay Engineering joined Pneu Powders Systems joined, with Pneuvay retaining its independence and its Australian base in Moreland.

"This cooperation and business synergy means that Pneuvay can now deliver pneumatic conveying in mining, aviation and powder handling solutions to the Asia Pacific and the Middle East. It also means our opportunities in Australia have increased,” says Michael.

"We anticipate our joint success will result in more projects, many in the realm of advanced technology and advanced manufacturing, as these are government priority areas. We expect to need to grow our operations and employee base here in Coburg by 50 percent over the next three years," adds Michael Choo, Executive Director – Operations & Finance, at Pneuvay.

As you can see, the future is very bright for Pneuvay.

Recognition from Moreland City Council

Recognition from Moreland City Council

Big thank you to Steve Mitten as he retires

Steve Mitten has concluded his six final working years as a Sales Engineer to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. This was made more memorable by Pneuvay Engineering's send-off for him on his last day.

Michael Francis presented Steve with an elegant card signed by all the staff. Steve's workmates sent him off with best wishes, speaking about his mateship and the assistance he was always happy to give everyone. Pneuvay Engineering will remember the six years of dedicated service Steve has provided to the company.

Steve started with Pneuvay in 2012 and was involved in prospecting, identifying and engaging with new and existing customers. He had several responsibilities including:

  • Understanding customer requirements so he could propose best-fit solutions
  • Providing customers with technical and engineering assistance
  • Liaising between customers and the Pneuvay engineering team

Steve is looking forward to a retirement that allows him to sleep in late in the mornings and then help with the many chores around the home.

Top row left to right: John Denny, Gabe Chaya Lance Laird, Glenn Cook, Steve Mitten, Gary Smith, Michael Francis, Michael Choo, Sophie Tanevski. Bottom row left to right: Donny Lim, Denis Balacco, Paul Malcolm, Jordan Chittem, Mark Morrison

Top row left to right: John Denny, Gabe Chaya Lance Laird, Glenn Cook Steve Mitten, Gary Smith, Michael Francis, Michael Choo, Sophie Tanevski. Bottom row left to right: Donny Lim, Denis Balacco, Paul Malcolm, Jordan Chittem, Mark Morrison

Steve leaves us with all the affection and respect that six years of dedicated service can bring. Well done and we will look forward to keeping in touch!

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