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Friday, July 14, 2017

Do you know that there are various ways for you to increase the blower efficiency of your industrial systems? Be aware of the amount of electrical energy your blowers use to help improve the following industry processes of your business:
  • Ventilation
  • Material Handling
  • Boilers
  • Refrigerations
  • Dust Collection
  • Cooling Application

Increase blower efficiency in these processes
Increase blower efficiency in these processes

How to identify an inefficient industrial blower system?

This video shows a sample of a broken blower:

But how do you know the signs of an inefficient industrial blower system before it gets absolutely irreparable?

High operating and maintenance costs

Have you noticed a sudden increase in your operating cost? This is probably the result of:
  • An improper fan selection
  • Operation in the wrong pressure range for the fan
  • Poor system design
  • Wasteful air flow control choices
  • Operating when not needed

Increase blower efficiency to reduce operating and maintenance costs

Increase blower efficiency to reduce operating and maintenance costs

You will need the assistance of an expert industrial blower company to do the inspection for you. Call us at 1300721458.

High level of noise

Does your industrial blower produce a high level of noise? Then you need to get it checked.

A high level of noise produced by a blower is often associated to oversized blowers or wrong type of blower fan application. It is very important for your blowers to operate within a reasonable range of its best efficiency point (BEP).

Increase blower efficiency to reduce level of noise in the workplace
Increase blower efficiency to reduce level of noise in the workplace

Inadequate air flow and inability to adjust flow rates according to production

Do you find it difficult adjusting the flow rate of your production?

This may be due to an inadequate balancing and duct configuration in your system. Let the expert handle this for you. Send us a message.

Increase blower efficiency to improve air flow
Increase blower efficiency to improve air flow

What are causes for industrial blower system inefficiency?

The following items are often causes of inefficiency within an industrial blower system:

Blower fails to rotate

Your blower can fail to rotate due to the following reasons:

Rust in your blower's impeller chamber

Rust in your blower means it's time for it to have a good cleaning. To do so, you can do it yourself or you can call our maintenance team so we can do the repair and maintenance for you.

Damaged motor winding

Damaged motor winding in your blower system requires the service of a qualified electrician or blower expert who will inspect and repair the motor for damage.

Improper wiring connections within the motor

A qualified electrician or blower expert is required to inspect and improper wiring connections within the motor. It is best to contact the supplier of your blower system so they can easily assess the problem.

No air flow

This could either be caused by a pipe leak, broken belts or broken drive couplings. To help diagnose the cause of this problem, check the valve or see if there are any loose connections.

Don't have a maintenance team to do the repair and maintenance? Call us at 1300 721458, today.

Blower exceeds maximum vibration

These are the following reasons which may cause your blower to exceed the maximum vibration:
  • Bolts failure
  • Insufficient v-belt tension
  • Loose mounting
  • Loose sheaves in the v-belt drive
  • Loose foundation base

If you see your system is vibrating, turn off the power and inspect the bolts, double check the foundation base and the tension the v-belt drive. Unfamiliar with these parts? Send us a message for assistance. Our maintenance team will be happy to help.

Excessive blower temperature

Excessive blower temperatures are caused by one or more of the following:

Too low operating speed

If your blower is operating at a very low speed, it will create inefficient conditions and will make you blower work harder. Thus, it is best to run its speed according to the system design to alleviate temperature issues.

Dirty air filter

You should regularly replace your air filter to avoid blower inefficiency due to dirty air filters.

Do you have problems remembering when your air filter is due for inspection and maintenance?

Our efficient SITE systems helps you remember when your system is due for maintenance. Watch this video to learn more about it:

Worn impeller

You will need an expert's opinion to determine if your impeller needs replacement. Talk
to us about it.

Inlet air flow restricted

Inlet air flow can be caused by obstructions or a closed valve. So it is best to have someone take a look at your blower systems regularly to avoid this inefficiency from happening.

Energy saving checklist to increase blower efficiency

Aside from fixing an inefficient industrial blower system, you may also follow these steps to help reduce your energy costs and increase blower efficiency.

Process improvement to increase blower efficiency

If the blower is used on a periodic rather than continuous basis then make sure it is shut down when not required. It is also important to re-evaluate and verify the exact requirements needed of older blowers within systems from time to time as oversized or over capacity is a form of inefficiency. Checking your process can reduce your energy saving from 10 to 50%.

Change of fan location to increase blower efficiency

Relocating your blower to reduce its length of runs and straightening bends can help you save 5 to 30% of energy.

Variation in airflow demand

Using VSD, variable pitch axial fans, and multi-speed motor for your system control can aid in reducing your energy cost from 5 to 30%.

Identifying the ideal blower type for your application

Knowing the type of blower that will deliver the required pressure and flow characteristic will efficiently give you energy saving ranging from 5 to 30%.

Proper installation of your blower inlet and duct work

Evenly cut the flow of air into your blower by installing turning vanes as needed. You may also install fixed blades to straighten the airflow to help reduce your energy from 5 to 15%.

Choosing high efficiency motors to increase blower efficiency

High efficiency motors, although expensive compared to low duty motors, will prove to be more economical. It yields better results with little to no maintenance requirement.

Do you already have a high efficiency motor?

Inspect if there are any faulty wiring and fuses. Fix these as needed and you can help reduce your energy of up to 15%.

Correct system ducting to increase blower efficiency

Consider tubular ducting as this results in the least amount of material, lowest pressure drop, lowest velocity and lowest lasses while reducing energy cost to 7%.

Energy saving checklist to increase blower efficiency
Energy saving checklist to increase blower efficiency

Let Pneuvay help you reduce your energy costs with efficient industrial blower repair and maintenance. Do you need a new blower system for your factory, manufacturing or food processing plants? We can help you. Talk to us, today.

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Read up on the massive powder handling and blending plant recently completed in the Philippines

Pneuvay is delighted to present this case study on this powder handling and blending plant recently completed in the Philippines by our engineering group (Pneu Powder Systems).

This enormous system integration project for Doxo Ingredients was designed and built by our group in twelve months.
Read on for more.