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Friday, November 27, 2015

Pneuvay Engineering ranked among the ‘best of the best’ in the bulk handling sector as one of the finest pneumatic conveying system suppliers in the prestigious Australian Bulk Handling Awards (ABHA) 2015.

The event took place at the Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf, Sydney on November 5th. Pneuvay's Managing Directors, Michael Francis and Gary Smith, represented the company in the said event.

Michael Francis at the ABHA Awards 2015
Michael Francis, Managing Director of Pneuvay Engineering, at the Australian Bulk Handling Awards 2015

Expressing his delight and gratefulness of being chosen as finalist, Michael said: “We’ve been in the business for 30 years now and to be recognised this way is both gratifying and humbling. All we can say is thank you to the board, and to all whom we have met during that special evening.”

Being a finalist as Supplier of the Year in the ABHA is Pneuvay Engineering’s second recognition following its Infolink Award in 2014. The company was voted as the most trusted brand under the Building and Construction Category last year. Read complete story here.

About the Australian Bulk Handling Awards

The Australian Bulk Handling Awards started in 2006 in Melbourne to celebrate the ingenuity and expertise of bulk handling engineers and technicians in the country.

Since then, the ABHA has been gathering bulk handling professionals from different companies in one landmark location each year to honour their colleagues’ works.

ABHA 2015 event highlights
Pneuvay was recognised as one of the finest pneumatics conveying system suppliers in the recently concluded ABHA 2015.

Here are some of the major awards categories at the ABHA:

The Australian Society for Bulk Solids Handling Award

Decided by the Australian Society for Bulk Solids Handling (ASBSH), this award is given to the company who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of the current year.

While nominations are accepted for this category, the winner is based upon the discretion of the said society. This year’s Bulk Solids Handling Award was given to Neil Kinder.

The A.W. Roberts Award

Named after Alan W. Roberts of Newcastle University, the award is given to young engineers (35 years or under) who have already contributed significantly in the field of bulk solids handling under the areas of research, design or practice.

The professor emeritus of Newcastle University was responsible for the educational institution’s development of a significant and lucrative niche in the bulk materials handling sector, back when there was little research about the area in the 1970s.

Like the Australian Society for Bulk Solids Handling Award, the awardee is chosen by the adjudication board of the ASBSH.

The recipient of the A.W. Roberts Award for 2015 was Dr. Tim Donohue.

Best Practice in WH&S

The ABHA also recognises companies who put a significant amount of effort in implementing Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) regulations. These are those who observe “ergonomic" or risk management practices, policies or technologies to enhance the safety and health of employees and/or the general public.

Qube Bulk and Seeing Machines both got the nod for this year’s award. Qube Bulk launched its long-haul road haulage fleet, greatly improving the safety of its workers during long-haul deliveries.

Seeing Machines on the other hand laid out its eyeball-and-face-scanning anti-fatigue technology, determining, and thus monitoring, the stress levels of its employees.

Pneumatic Conveying System Supplier of the Year

The Supplier of the Year title, for which Pneuvay Engineering was nominated, recognises “the exemplary service, performance and customer commitment by a supplier to the Australian bulk handling sector.”

Michael Francis said of their nomination: “It was an amazing experience, especially to be regarded as one of the top bulk handling suppliers in Australia.” He added that to be vis-a-vis such esteemed companies in the field is both an acknowledgment and a testament to Pneuvay’s quality services throughout the years.

Some of the outstanding companies who won the award in the past were SEW-Eurodrive in 2009 and 2010 and Veyance Belting in 2013.

The Judges

Adjudicating the candidates for the 10th Annual Australian Bulk Handling Awards were:

  • Charles Macdonald, editor of the Australian Bulk Handling Review (moderator)
  • Professor Mark Jones; Director of the Centre for Bulk Solids & Particulate Technologies, University of Newcastle
  • Assoc. Professor Peter Wypych of the School of Mechanical Materials & Mechatronic Engineering, University of Wollongong
  • Ivan Price, Chairman of Kockums Bulk Systems
  • Mike Anderson, the Managing Director of GEA Nu-Con

Projects completed for 2015

“While it is always Pneuvay’s honour to be recognised for our achievements in whatever manner or form, giving our best to create, design, and supply solutions to our clients will remain our joy and pride.” — Michael Francis

Here are some of the various industries serviced by Pneuvay Engineering in 2015:

Orora - Kongskilde trim removal system
Cryovac - Airslide system for trucks delivered to silo for flour and sugar
Watpac - Industrial vacuum system with many points throughout the building
Wimpak - Pneumatic grain conveying system for graded seed and refuse
Nestle - Vacuum assembly and regular maintenance of systems and equipment
Mondelez Australia Foods (Kraft) - Rotary valves, vacuum pump and sound enclosure

Into 2016 and beyond

Pneuvay Engineering - pneumatic conveying supplier of the year finalist in action
Pneuvay Engineering in full force completing a project

Australia-wide and internationally speaking, Pneuvay Engineering has been experiencing a steady increase in demand for its products, systems, and equipment since 2014. It is reaching to more countries including the following:

  • Indonesia
  • New Zealand
  • Phillippines
  • Thailand
  • United States

This motivates the company all the more to develop, design, and construct bulk materials handling and pneumatic conveying systems that are guaranteed to make your operations more efficient while decreasing, if not eliminating, your downtime.

“Here at Pneuvay, we welcome new challenges and face them head on with our experiences and expertise. We invest time and effort in advancing innovations and new solutions in the field. This is probably one of the reasons we have been considered as one of the finest pneumatic conveying system suppliers in Australia — and soon the world,” said Mike. “We perform our best and the results show it.”

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Are you involved in handling bulk powders, granules, pellets or flakes?
If so, you should consider going to
the Australian Bulk Handling Expo.

Come see us exhibiting at BULK2022 EXPO from 24th to 26th August 2022 at Melbourne Convention Center. Read on for more information. Find out more.