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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pneuvay Engineering provides the food processing industry with specialists in: pneumatic conveying systems, dust filtration and industrial vacuum cleaning systems.

These systems are suitable for a wide range of powders, granulates and extruded shapes such as:
  • Flour, sugar, and milk
  • Wheat, coffee and grains
  • Salt and spices

Pneumatic conveying systems for

the food processing industry

Our pneumatic conveying solutions for the food processing industry range from simple, lean phase, product transfer applications to fully automatic factory wide multi-reception point installations, including:

Storage and distribution

Are you in need of a reliable system that will transport products directly from the farm into especially designed storage silos or bins?

We design and install pneumatic conveying systems that use the minimum conveying velocity of the product. This avoids damage and maintains the high quality of your produce.

Pneumatic conveying system for WIMPAK

Launching of Wimpak's pneumatic conveying system

Weighing and blending

Food produce comes in different sizes, shapes and densities. All of which undergo multiple stages of processing such as weighing and blending.

Weighing and Blending System of Dimmattina and Coffico Coffee Houses

Weighing and Blending System of Dimmattina and Coffico Coffee Houses

Pneuvay Engineering designs and installs pneumatic conveying systems based on your unique requirement. We carefully assess the materials that has to be conveyed, mixed and separated to properly calculate the following factors needed to process your materials:

  • Air volume
  • Conveying rate
  • Pipe size
  • Distance
  • Number of bends

Click here to read more about the weighing and blending system manufactured for Dimattina and Coffico Coffee Houses.

Size reduction

  • Milling and crushing
  • Grinding and shredding
  • Cutting, slicing and dicing
Pneuvay Engineering represents Kongskilde Denmark and offers a wide range of highly efficient and accurate equipment for controlled processing of your food products. Watch this video to see more about the features of our Multicutter.

Airlocks and diverters

Pneuvay provides rotary airlocks, as well as air and gravity diverters to ensure you'll have minimal if not zero spillage of products. See some of the list of diverters and slide gates we offer:

Collated images of slide gates for the food processing industry

Collated images of diverters for the food processing industry

Click here to learn more about these diverters

Dust filtration and industrial

vacuum cleaning systems

All food processing factories and warehouses need a central vacuum cleaning and dust filtration system to ensure products are kept pure and free from contaminants. Pneuvay Engineering designs and installs dust collection and industrial vacuum cleaning systems to ensure you meet government standards.

Advantages of Pneuvay's pneumatic conveying systems

The food processing industry requires pneumatic conveying systems and equipment that offers:

  • Lower energy and operational costs
  • Increased reliability and productivity
  • Reduced system footprint and material spillage
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Flexibility to extend applications

Pneuvay Engineering offers these and more, such as the following advantages listed below:

Hygienic design

The pneumatic conveying systems we install for the food processing industry are designed and fabricated with high-grade materials. We carefully study the type of materials you need to convey and the size of your workplace to ensure cleaning, repair and maintenance will be an ease.

Quick dismantle construction using

quick release clamps

We install quick release clamps that makes our systems simple and easy-to-maintain. It securely fastens the equipment when in use while enabling quick release of parts as needed.

Easy clean components

We use hygienic materials and processes that are suitable and adhere to the strict hygiene processes associated with the food manufacturing industry. We even use rotor systems that are very simple, yet very easy and safe to clean and work with.

Do you have additional questions and concerns regarding the pneumatic conveying solutions we provide the food processing industry? Visit our food processing industry page to learn more about the pneumatic conveying systems we deliver.

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Read up on Pneuvay Engineering is now officially the sole agent in Australia for Vortex

Pneuvay Engineering is proud to announce we are the official sole agent for Vortex Australia.

This is a great development for the Australian pneumatic conveying industry.
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