Read up on the massive powder handling and blending plant recently completed in the Philippines - Find out more.
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» Powder handling and blending plant recently completed in the Philippines - Find out more



Thursday, June 25, 2015

Airslide systems depreciate over time. Before you know it, a rare and unexpected airslide failure can occur. Avoid this from happening with Pneuvay Engineering.

Talk to us and let our team:
  • Conduct a full inspection and report immediate repair
  • Assess the condition of your airslide system
  • Recommend system modifications to improve efficiency

Quick response team for airslide

emergency breakdown

Pneuvay receives emergency breakdown repair and maintenance requests from time to time. Most of these types of breakdowns can be avoided with a preventative maintenance program in place where critical systems such air-slides can be regularly checked and inspected. Yet, sometimes unexpected failure can still occur resulting in an emergency. Read how we responded to an airslide emergency breakdown involving a number of air slides that had failed at plant earlier this year.

Proactive airslide system maintenance

to avoid unwanted downtime

An airslide system had been efficiently delivering cement from silos into delivery vehicles for over 20 years. The plant and equipment had been diligently inspected and maintained all year round. However, the company felt the need to consult the condition of their airslide system to pneumatic conveying experts - Pneuvay Engineering.

Pneuvay conducted an inspection and assessed the situation. They reported that various repair and modifications had to be scheduled as part of preventative maintenance on the airslide systems. But before the work could be carried out, unexpected breakdowns on several air slides prompted the company and Pneuvay to expedite the work.

Here is a glimpse on how Pneuvay quickly and efficiently handled the system repair and modifications in just eight (8) days.

Pneuvay transports the broken airslides 

to the Coburg workshop

unloading airslide from crane to Coburg workshop

Inspection of airslides upon arrival at the workshop

Pneuvay assessment of airslide condition

The team dismantles the airslide system for modification

Airslide being dismantled and modified

Airslides being cleaned at the Coburg workshop

Airslides being cleaned at the Coburg workshop

Presenting the newly cleaned airslide

Newly cleaned airslide

Replacement of valves with more efficient valves

Replacement of valves with more efficient non-return valves and s/s 3 piece full flow ball valves

New aeration membrane for installation

The new aeration membrane ready for installation

Upon completion of the modified airslide systems, Pneuvay assembled and transported the airslides back to the site where the team did a final review and cleaned all piping.

Avoid airslide emergency breakdown

Call us at 1300721458

Airslide system failure can be prevented with regular preventive maintenance. Pneuvay's service department is experienced and knowledgeable in:

  • Inspecting the fluidised membrane for any wear or holes and the airslide joints for any leakage
  • Ensuring your airslide blower is performing adequately
  • Inspecting the outlet chute for partial blockage and presence of foreign bodies
  • Evaluating if the valve is opening properly and the start-up process is functioning efficiently

Avoid airslide system breakdown with regular repair and maintenance

Schedule your airslide's repair and maintenance service to avoid unwanted downtime, today. 

Avoid the need to suffer from big losses due to downtime. Contact Pneuvay Engineering online or call us at 1300721458 to learn more about our airslide repair and maintenance service plan.

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Read up on the massive powder handling and blending plant recently completed in the Philippines

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