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Thursday, May 25, 2017

 Are you looking for ways on how to improve health and safety in your workplace? 

Does your factory still uses forklifts, conveyors, industrial trucks, cranes and hoists for bulk material handling of powder?
Is your company looking for a better way of moving or powder and granular materials while creating less dust inside your workplace?
Do you remain in doubt that pneumatic conveying systems can offer a safer and more efficient method of transferring materials by limiting your staff's exposure to dust and potential injuries?

Improve health and safety with pneumatic conveying systems 
Improve health and safety with pneumatic conveying systems
 If these questions concern you, then it's high time you become aware of the many reasons businesses have opted to shift into pneumatic conveying systems for the efficient transfer of these materials. Let these advantages speak for themselves and show you it's now time for you to make the shift, too.

Reasons for material handling automation via pneumatic conveying systems

Some of the major reasons pneumatic conveying is used for material handling automation are:

Cost-effective processes through 

optimised automation

If you are still manually transferring materials into a vessel such as operators lifting and dumping containers of powder, then you are wasting a huge amount of time and effort. Some may think that this is big savings because they don't need to purchase any equipment. They just need to pay the cost of manual labour and never worry about anything else. 
However, that is not the case. These factory owners still need to buy personal protective equipment (PPE). Moreover, you are at a greater risk of potential workplace injuries.
Personal protective equipment to improve health and safety in the workplace
Personal protective equipment to improve health and safety in the workplace
Having a pneumatic conveying systems improves process efficiency through optimised automation. It provides your with the ability to transfer powder into a vessel under pressure or vacuum. This enables the safe handling of hazardous and toxic products including carcinogens, oxygen or skin sensitive materials, and even explosive powders.  
As a result, less manpower is required to charge the vessel, freeing up employees to manage other important work tasks. Further, pneumatic conveying equipment is more streamlined, which makes hoists and handling equipment completely unnecessary. 

Eliminates the risk of exterior contaminants

Property contamination, due to its potential exposure to environmental elements such as oxygen and human contact, is another major concern of factories and manufacturing plants. These, if unattended, can result to product residues which can create an unhygienic situation. It could also lead to corrosion which can negatively affect the performance of your equipment.
You can improve health and safety with pneumatic conveying as it extends the life of equipment by:
  • Keeping the material and environment separate from one another
  • Minimizing corrosion through the elimination of exterior contaminants
Read more about the factors to consider in designing a food processing equipment.
Factors to consider in designing food processing equipment
Factors to consider in designing food processing equipment

Improve health and safety with easy cleaning for improved sanitation

Pneumatic conveying equipment allows easy access to the filter for cleaning, inspection and change out. This makes it perfect even for general cleaning between batches as it requires less maintenance while offering a cleaner way to transfer compared to manual and other mechanical methods. 

Read more about our blog regarding the tips on cleaning and sanitising pneumatic conveying systems.

Prevents material segregation and preservation of product integrity

Another process where pneumatic conveying systems are most helpful is in material separation. However during segregation several factors such as gravity, the unique characteristics of the materials, airflow and vibration can affect the integrity of the final product.

Material segregation and tablet manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry is meticulous in all of its processes. All final products have to maintain its quality and integrity, otherwise the entire batch of medicine can be rejected. 
In addition, friction and shock during the manufacturing process can break your final product. If this happens to tablets it can be susceptible to contamination. This means potential production delay.
How is this to be resolved?

Particle separation should be carefully performed as it can threaten the integrity of the uniformity of the batches, particularly in pharmaceutical applications. Thus the need for expert pneumatic conveying experts to design and install one for your company.

The shock and friction problem can be resolved through an accommodating vacuum conveying system and an adaptable feed rate. This enables the system to be sped up or slowed depending on the size or the volume of tablets to be handled. 

As for the tubing and piping specifications and couplings, this has to be designed so as to reduce the speed and avoid product damage while the tubing and piping should have soft curves for it to avoid tablet breakage.

Do you need a pneumatic conveying expert's opinion? Schedule an appointment with us.

Provides a dust-free environment via its 

closed-system feature

Are you worried about dust contaminating your end product? Pneumatic conveying is a closed system and prevents products from becoming airborne and entering the environment. This substantially reduces your equipment and facility clean-up time. This will significantly reduce the cost of performance ratio of the system and provide you with huge amounts of savings over other transfer methods. 
Improve health and safety with dust collector systems
 Improve health and safety with dust collector systems

Improve health and safety while reducing energy consumption

The closure of Victoria's Hazelwood coal-fired power stations is estimated to add $78 to the national yearly average power bill. This means and additional $204 in Tasmania and $99 in Victoria. Thus the total average bill for the year is estimated to reach $1,353, which shows a 4.4% increase from the year before.

Improve health and safety while reducing energy consumption
Improve health and safety while reducing energy consumption
With this additional cost in their sleeves, more businesses are looking for cost efficient solutions for their energy consumption. Pneumatic conveying aids your business with this as it strategically reduces energy usage. This helps trim down your energy expenses.
Unlike mechanical conveyors that occupy much space and utilises a great deal of energy, pneumatic conveying systems simplify this process by the routing of bulk material transfer paths throughout the plant. 
Improve health and safety with pneumatic conveying systems. Have one installed for your system. Send us a message.

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