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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

August 2014 - Following the testing of Pneuvay's new Alumina air lifter at Wollongong University, Michael Francis travelled to Xiamen,China to attend a pneumatic conveying and solids handling conference. 

Pneumatic conveying event highlights 

of the bulk solids conference

The event has proven itself very informative as engineering experts shared their knowledge in the field of:
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Bulk solids handling
  • Storage and flow

Michael Francis with pneumatic conveying delegation from around the globe

Engaging discussion on most recent bulk solids 

and pneumatic conveying industry trends

Engineers from around the globe and industry experts participated in forum discussions and shared their most recent studies and findings, especially in the field of dense phase pneumatic conveying.

Delegates from around the globe participate in small group discussions

Dense phase demonstrations were carried out 

and displayed in a lab at the Xiamen conference

A special dense phase pressure pot was lab tested to check its metering discharge efficiency.

Dense phase pressure pot tested at the conference

Testing facility for both dense and dilute phase 

conveying with modelling capability

Other products were tested during the event using this testing facility for both dense and dilute phase conveying systems.

Testing facility for both dense and dilute phase conveying systems

Scoop of the latest pneumatic 

conveying techniques

Mike believes the conference was a great opportunity to discuss the  latest pneumatic conveying techniques with other delegates. He is even more excited to see how Pneuvay Engineering can be commercially marketed to a global audience.

"The event was  really exciting. Several products were lab tested and I am happy to see how Pneuvay Engineering products can be further developed and promoted.  I've met new friends in the industry and am excited to participate in next year's event."

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