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Friday, August 28, 2020

We have further expanded our pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum system business by opening our first interstate office – in sunny Queensland! The new office, right in Brisbane's city centre, will help us better serve industries in Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Importantly, this office will be the home of our new National Sales & Marketing Manager, Chris Morse. Chris will be focused on developing new business with industries across Australia and help grow Pneuvay to become an even bigger success.

This is truly an exciting announcement for us and we are very proud to still be able to develop despite these trying COVID times.

Brisbane office contact details and hours of operation

The Brisbane office became fully operational from Monday, 6 July 2020 and is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

  • Address: Level 27, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Telephone: 1800 786 642
  • Fax: (07) 3338 5601

We have updated our location on Google Maps. Further, we have updated our contact details on our website and LinkedIn page.

Entrance to Brisbane office
Entrance to Brisbane office

Setting up in Queensland important step in strategic business development

Queensland is one of Pneuvay’s largest and fastest-growing markets. This is largely due to the mining activities in that state, as well as the work we do with a number of power stations. It is in recognition of this that we have established a branch office in Brisbane.

Setting up our first interstate office is a vital step in driving our strategic direction to expand our business within Australia. Michael Choo (General Manager of Operations) said, “We selected Brisbane (as the location) as it is best positioned to tap into the region’s thriving mining and power generation industries”.

Brisbane is central to Queensland and northern New South Wales

With the ever-increasing number of enquiries for Pneuvay’s services from Queensland and northern New South Wales, it made sense to open an office in a central position. Brisbane is ideally located for our clients in the region to have in-person contact, if required, and enables our team to meet clients onsite at their premises.

The location of the office is close to many mining companies, for which pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum systems are often a critical part of their operation. Our proximity will enable us to better engage with this key regional industry and increase our opportunities to develop and supply turnkey solutions.

Our Brisbane office is ideally located and open during business hours. It includes a smart and comfortable meeting room, with state-of-the-art facilities enabling local and national video conferencing and communication. These facilities are in constant use now, ensuring our Brisbane and Melbourne offices work closely together in these times.

Queensland mining industry major driver in demand for pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum systems

The Queensland landscape has been dramatically altered by mining. The massive mining operation of Mount Isa and the open cut coal mines in central Queensland are examples of the vast impact of mining. The development of minerals has been and will continue to be paramount to the Queensland economy.

Although mining of gold, copper and tin are generally seen as big in Queensland, there are many others that have significant operations. Extensive coal and gemstone deposits are mined. Also minerals such as zinc, wolfram (tungsten), uranium, cinnabar (mercury), silver, rutile (titanium), phosphorous, nickel, molybdenum, magnesium, lead, bismuth, bauxite (aluminium) and arsenic.

The mining of these minerals often requires specialised pneumatic conveying, and industrial vacuum systems and equipment. We have a long list of mining companies utilising our services. They attest to the quality of the systems we produce and the degree of professionalism we provide. Some of these mining companies include:

  • BHP
  • Rio Tinto
  • Sibelco
  • Xstrata

These companies trust us to deliver pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuuming solutions, and we show our gratitude by surpassing their expectations.

So with a local thriving mining industry and our experience in designing and supplying pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum systems, we are looking forward to going on wards and upwards!

Welcome to Brisbane office
Welcome to Brisbane office

Chris Morse to drive expansion of projects in pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum systems

Joining Pneuvay as National Sales and Marketing Manager, Chris has key control over two major areas. For our existing customers, Chris is responsible for engagement and development. The second area within his sphere is prospecting and winning new major partnering opportunities, primarily in the development and supply of pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum systems.

Improving ability to assist and building new partnerships

Chris’ role is a national one, with key responsibility for relationship development with both existing and new clients. Being based in Brisbane is a boon for the companies with which we work in the Queensland region.

All our clients have immediate and in-person access to Chris, whose knowledge and expertise are underpinned by our technical support team in Melbourne. It’s a huge benefit for our clients to be able to talk in person with an industry professional or meet up onsite, rather than trying to explain things over the phone or email.

Bringing extensive experience in project and business development management

Chris brings to Pneuvay his extensive experience in project and business development management with a major Australian engineering company, which he joined in 2007. Over the period since then, Chris was involved in all jobs and all aspects of program delivery, and was responsible for bringing in and managing domestic and international projects such as:

  • $13M New quarry development, Fulton Hogan, QLD
  • $3.5M New log line, Boral Timbers, Koolkhan, NSW
  • $1M Dense phase conveying system, Stanwell, Tarong Power Station, QLD
  • $6.5M Conveyor system for wharf to store, Boral, Melbourne
  • $3.5M System for sorter stacker, Craigpine, Winton, NZ
  • $3.1M Plant for crushing material (prototype) Bechtel/NZAS, Tiwai Point
  • $1.8M Five off crucible titlers for SNC Lavalin/EMAL, Abu Dhabi

He first worked with Pneuvay during the dense phase conveying system project at Tarong Power Station and then again on a coal vacuum project at Millmerran Power Station.

Chris says he believes in thinking creatively and providing cost effective solutions. He enjoys being involved in a practical sense – working with and getting to know his customers, with many of whom he has developed real friendships.

A seasoned traveller, Chris has lived and worked in many parts of the world besides Australia, including the United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand. He enjoys going away with his family, and spending time riding his mountain bike and keeping fit.

Chris Morse at Brisbane office
Chris Morse at Brisbane office

Where will Chris help Pneuvay expand next?

Pneuvay’s strategic plan is to establish a branch office in Western Australia, which, like Queensland, has a huge mining industry with big operations for which Pneuvay’s pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum systems are ideally suited.

Chris will undertake the planning and establishment of the Western Australia branch office, which will mirror that in Brisbane. It too will be sales-based, with Chris being responsible for client relationships and business development across Western Australia. Again, the focus of Chris’ work will be the fostering of close working relationships with clients, with him being always accessible, whether by phone or in person.

Meet with us at the Brisbane office

Contact us for assistance

Pneuvay is a leading pneumatic conveying and industrial vacuum system provider and can provide direct assistance in Queensland. We service many large companies and provide best fit and turnkey systems for plants that have:

  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Powder handling
  • Industrial vacuuming
  • Dust collection

If you have any questions in relation to these types of systems or need help, feel free to call on 1300721458 or contact us. You can even send us a message via our Facebook page if you like.

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