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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

November 2014 - Pneuvay celebrates the completion of Glencore Xstrata Project, one of their biggest cement handling and dense phase pneumatic conveying projects for that year. It has been an extensive project that included the design and installation of a 1000t cement storage and handling system at Mount Isa Queensland. 

Glencore Xstrata cement pneumatic conveying system in Mount Isa, Queensland

The project highlights Pneuvay Engineering's innovative and expert capability to design and install systems that:

  • Conveys cement from pneumatic tankers (twin trailer) to any three storage silos
  • Transports cement from the silos to a paste plant, in this case approximately 100m away

Click here to read the complete details of the Glencore Xstrata Project.

Four major challenges of the project

The Glencore Xstrata project was a challenging project. It requires designing and installing a unique pneumatic conveying system that:

  • Meets the current statutory regulations
  • Adheres to all Occupation Hazards and Safety (OHS) requirements
  • Follows all Xstrata corporate supply regulations
  • Represents Pneuvay Engineering's quality and standards

How were the challenges met?

With dedication to deliver excellent pneumatic conveying systems, the team carefully planned these three (3) distinct mode of operations:

All three systems were implemented and installed. The results are as follow:

  • Pneumatic tanker (twin trailer) unloading that reduced the total cycle time to less than one hour at rates in excess of 50tph
  • Economical and efficient system which was considered best practice and the latest technology in pneumatic conveying 
  • Maximum conveying rates without the need to stop start the compressor or unload the compressor 

Silo and discharge system at Mount Isa, Queensland

Silo and discharge system at Mount Isa, Queensland

Pneuvay Engineering revolutionises 

pneumatic conveying systems

Glencore Xstrata was looking for a team that could design and install a unique conveying system to suit their needs. Pneuvay Engineering was their preferred choice as it is known in the industry for its innovative and cost effective dense phase pneumatic conveying and cement bulk material handling systems.

"We have worked with them (Glencore) with several projects in the past. However, this is the biggest dense phase pneumatic conveying project they have pitched to us." Paul Malcolm , lead engineer and engineering manager of Pneuvay Engineering exclaims.

"We see this as an opportunity to provide environmental friendly and energy efficient solution for them." he continues. 

"Seeing our efforts become a reality brings me a great sense of satisfaction. It is the result of the team's hardwork and determination to build and complete this system. It is really gratifying seeing everything working according to our and their expectations."

Pneuvay Engineering and 

the Cement Industry

Cement conveying system from silo to the paste plant

The Glencore Xstrata plant at Mt. Isa operating in the evening

Pneuvay Engineering is the ideal partner of businesses operating in the mining industry. It understands your needs and designs energy efficient and cost effective dense phase pneumatic conveying, cement bulk material handling, automated silo control systems and dust collection systems suitable for your unique needs. 

Our system designs are equipped to deliver various materials, including abrasive ones, amidst many transfer points and large cross-sectional openings of equipment it has to pass through. 

Pneuvay keep your operation compliant to government regulations including OSHA requirements. Contact us online or call us should you require an environment friendly solution for your daily operation such as:

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