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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Join us at Bulk 2022 to get the latest on the industry

Are you involved in handling bulk powders, granules, pellets or flakes? If so, you should consider going to the Australian Bulk Handling Expo (Bulk2022) expo. This will be its first year and we are very excited to be a part of the event. Read on to learn more about this grand event, including:

All about the Bulk2022 Expo

For the first time in many years Melbourne is hosting an event dedicated to the bulk handling industry. This is supported by the Australian Bulk Handling Review and the Australasian Society for Bulk Solids Handling.

The event, Bulk2022, is a wonderful opportunity for Australian businesses that handle bulk powders, granules, pellets and flakes to come together with suppliers and display the latest equipment and technology. A wide range of new technologies, the latest innovations and specialist services will be on display, thanks to extensive support from the bulk handling industry.

Professor Mark Jones, Chair of the Australian Society for Bulk Solids Handling said, "The trade expo will showcase the latest in bulk materials handling equipment and technologies."

The Melbourne Exhibition Centre will be packed with trade stands showcasing products and services such as:

  • Belt scrapers
  • Conveyors
  • Conveyor components
  • Container tipplers
  • Dust control
  • Engineering services
  • Performance tools
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Instrumentation
  • Motors and drives
  • Storage and silos
  • Software and digital tools
  • Weighing and level measurement equipment

When and where is Bulk2022

This event runs from Wednesday 16 February to Friday 16 to 18 February at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. This venue is right in the centre of Melbourne opposite Crown Casino and near Southern Cross Station.

Who should go to Bulk2022?

If you work in or manage plants and facilities that handle bulk powders, granules, pellets or flakes, then this expo is ideal for you.

Industries covered

The industries typically involved with these bulk materials include:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemicals manufacturers
  • Food manufacturers
  • Mining and minerals
  • Pharmaceutical

Materials covered

The expo is ideal for those who work for producers of bulk materials such as:

  • Animal feed
  • Cement
  • Coal
  • Grains
  • Iron ore
  • Woodchips

Networking and other benefits

Bulk2022 is a great industry networking event. It joins engineers with suppliers and newcomers with industry veterans. Attending the expo will give you an opportunity to share and gain valuable industry knowledge.

The event is ideal for those seeking the latest equipment to provide efficiencies and to keep them one step ahead of their competition. Benefits that come from attending Bulk2022 include:

  • Seeing the latest in bulk handling solutions
  • Attending the industry conference
  • Being inspired by expert speakers
  • Witnessing the Australian Bulk Handling Awards

What is on offer and what is the program at Bulk2022

The Australian Bulk Handling Expo runs over three days and is packed full of valuable features and highlights. We will update this program if any changes arise as we get closer to the event.

Expo and Trade show - 16 to 18 February

Browse through a wide range of trade stands exhibiting new technologies, latest innovations and specialist services, and discuss aspects with their personnel.

Industry Insights Breakfast - 16 February

Enjoy mingling with peers over breakfast, while learning about the issues impacting the bulk handling industry.

Bulk Handling Awards & Gala Dinner - 17 February

The highlight of the expo will be the presentation of the Australian Bulk Handling Awards and Gala Dinner. It is the only awards program in Australia for the bulk handling industry and acknowledges outstanding achievements by companies and individuals. Awards will be given to industry players in the following categories.

  • Innovative technology
  • Dust control technology, application or practice
  • Excellence in the application of gears, motors or drives
  • Excellence in transport and/or conveying
  • Best practice in safety
  • Supplier of the year
  • Bulk handling facility of the year

Nights such as these are opportunities to showcase the progression taking place in the industry and inspire us all to aim higher.

Bulk2022 Conference - 17 to 18 February

All attendees gain entry to the conference, which is held on the show floor at the expo. The Australian Society for Bulk Solids Handling will run the two-day conference with multiple technical streams. 

Pneuvay attending Australian Bulk Handling Expo to exhibit to industry at Bulk 2022

Pneuvay attending Australian Bulk Handling Expo to exhibit to industry at Bulk 2022

Come visit our trade stand and see our exhibits

Pneuvay Engineering are proud to be a part of the exhibition and excited to meet you all. We service all the industries attending this event. Our team is looking forward to sharing their extensive knowledge and experience in delivering pneumatic conveying, powder handling, industrial vacuum and dust collector systems as part of end-to-end bulk material handling solutions.

The Pneuvay Engineering trade stand location will be included on the map you receive on entry to Bulk2022. We will have information on display, engineers present to discuss your bulk handling needs and some of the latest equipment for pneumatic conveying on site. Even if new equipment may not be in your budget for this year, we are more than happy to discuss how we can help with maintenance for existing systems or scoping plans for the future.

"Bulk2022 is an event that is perfect for us. Providing complete end-to-end solutions for bulk powder, granular and pellet material handling is our core business. When Bulk2022 was announced as a showcase for innovation, technology and best practice, we knew we had to be there." - Executive Director Michael Choo.

Come visit the Pneuvay trade stand at Bulk2022

Come visit the Pneuvay trade stand at Bulk2022

What products are we exhibiting

We took a lot of time in designing the layout of the stand and all the features it will include. We believe you will find it very professional, informative and well worth visiting. We have a large video screen presenting an exciting overview of our company, plus a couple of large pull-up banners to showcase our main services. Come in, sit down and chat with us.

We are exhibiting three high performing pneumatic conveying products.

Longtech Blower

The LT series improves the standard root type blower design and is suitable for pressure and vacuum applications. Instead of the traditional two lobes, it features a three-lobe design and provides an air volume range from 20 to 7800 cubic meters per hour.

The Longtech blower has accessories such as silencers, valves and joints, with features such as:

  • Improved air throughput
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lessened vibration and noise
  • Extended bearing life

If you are interested in upgrading your vacuum system, vacuum cleaning or pressure conveying then please visit us at our trade stand to find out more.

Rotary Valve RV300

Rotary valves are ideal for conveying most dry solids, granular materials, pellets or powdered materials. They have minimal air leakage while ensuring that materials are fed through at an even pace under airlock conditions.

The RV300 we will have on show is just one of a number of models available that can be used for high-performing transfer of materials from silos, mixers, hoppers, cyclones, weighers or dust collectors.

Kaishan Oil-free Screw Blower

This product operates with high efficiency, reliability and low noise, making it a great alternative to root type blowers. It is designed to allow for multiple pressure ratios to suit different discharge applications. A frequency changer regulates the air volume within the specified range, which is the key to its efficiency.

This model features a durable coating, bearing service life of greater than 100,000 hours and a five-year warranty. Come see the Kaishan Oil-free Screw Blower for yourself, and let our engineers take you through the energy savings that are possible with the latest technology.

See the state-of-the-art Kaisan oil free screw blower on show at our Bulk2020 trade stand

See the state-of-the-art Kaisan oil free screw blower on show at our Bulk2022 trade stand

H2: Looking for assistance with pneumatic conveying systems?

With over 30 years experience, we have been assisting a wide range of industries in Australia with pneumatic conveying systems for bulk powders and granular products. Our expertise covers numerous situations where there is a need to design, install and maintain pneumatic conveying systems that:

  • Maximise product conveying rates
  • Minimise product damage
  • Maximise plant safety
  • Minimise maintenance costs

If you are looking for assistance with pneumatic conveying systems, feel free to call us on 1300721458 or send us a message via our Pneuvay website contact page or Pneuvay Facebook page.

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