Read up on the massive powder handling and blending plant recently completed in the Philippines - Find out more.
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» Powder handling and blending plant recently completed in the Philippines - Find out more



Friday, August 29, 2014

With a diverse selection of pneumatic conveying products, what are the top 3 products bought from Pneuvay Engineering?

Pneuvay best sellers rotary valves, compression couplings, industrial blowers

High demand to buy industrial blowers

for vacuum and pressure applications

Pneuvay Engineering supplies various root type blowers to industries. Their impressive capacity to deliver a constant airflow independent of the discharge pressure conditions makes it one of its most in-demand products, today.

LT-Blower Series

LT Blower Series of Pneuvay Engineering

With 11 different model blowers available for vacuum and pressure applications, the LT-Blower Series is one of the top selling products of Pneuvay Engineering. Michael Francis states the following reasons why it is so:

'Our blowers incorporates three lobes rather than the usual two our competitors deliver. This results to lower energy consumption, lower noise levels and larger bearing life.'

Wade Blowers

Wade blowers of Pneuvay Engineering

Pneuvay's innovative twin rotor design for its wade blowers has earned a spot in the company's best seller's list. It is most efficient in systems and equipment such as:

  • Garment presses, textile dryers and vacuum molders
  • On road machinery and water aeration
  • Dust collection and pneumatic conveying systems
  • Grain conditioning, food processing and oyster washing

Rotary valves for pressure,

vacuum and gravity systems

Rotary Valves designed by Pneuvay Engineering

Its ability to efficiently regulate the flow of material from one chamber to another while maintaining a good airlock condition made Pneuvay's rotary valves a top favourite of various clients in the industry. It is chosen and used extensively in various applications due to its capacity to minimise air leakage while evenly metering materials at a quick pace.

Top industries that use rotary valves

Companies typically use rotary valves to meter materials from the outlets of:

  • Silos
  • Mixers
  • Hoppers
  • Cyclones
  • Weighers
  • Dust collectors

Compression couplings for pipes,

tubes, fittings and valves

Compression couplings supplied by Pneuvay Engineering

Designed to ensure fast positive sealing of tubes, pipes and fittings, undoubtedly these compression couplings are part of Pneuvay's Top 3 best buy items sellers.

Types of plants with piping that

use compression couplings

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Refineries
  • Packaging facilities
  • Power plants

Why choose Pneuvay Engineering for

your pneumatic conveying requirements?

Industries have specific pneumatic conveying needs. Pneuvay Engineering takes pride in delivering these unique requirements to your business. Our efficient and reliable products ensure you'll experience the following benefits:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Decrease in equipment maintenance
  • Elimination of external/internal leakage
  • Improved material handling efficiency
  • Environment friendly and hazard free working environment

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Read up on the massive powder handling and blending plant recently completed in the Philippines

Pneuvay is delighted to present this case study on this powder handling and blending plant recently completed in the Philippines by our engineering group (Pneu Powder Systems).

This enormous system integration project for Doxo Ingredients was designed and built by our group in twelve months.
Read on for more.