Pneuvay Engineering is now officially the sole agent in Australia for Vortex - Find out more.
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» US-based Vortex has chosen us to be their sole agent in Australia - Find out more
Welcome to Pneuvay Engineering




Pneumatic Conveying, Bulk Materials Handling, Industrial Vacuum
and Dust Collectors Systems Specialist


We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations by supplying quality pneumatic conveying components, designing reliable pneumatic conveying systems, and providing dependable service and maintenance.


Pneumatic Conveying Advantages

We design custom fit pneumatic conveying solutions to various
industries to provide them the following advantages:

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease equipment maintenance
  • Eliminate external/internal leakage
  • Improve material handling efficiency
  • Promote environment friendly and
    hazard free working environment


Pneumatic Conveying Products

Our wide range of pneumatic conveying products offer complete solutions
to your industrial vacuum, dust collectors and materials handling needs.


Pneumatic Conveying Services

We provide dependable and tailor fit pneumatic conveying services
to suit the individual requirements of each customer.

Read up on Pneuvay Engineering is now officially the sole agent in Australia for Vortex

Pneuvay Engineering is proud to announce we are the official sole agent for Vortex Australia.

This is a great development for the Australian pneumatic conveying industry.
Read on for more.

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Pneumatic Conveying Applications to Industries

Pneumatic Conveying Applications to Industries


Pneuvay Engineering Recent Projects

Pneuvay Engineering Recent Projects




Learn more about the pneumatic conveying air slide system we supplied QAL and BCSC.


Our Toyota Project is the largest integrated installation of Donaldson Downflo collector technology in Australia.

Removal and

See how we removed a large Banbury mixer and prepared it for shipment and installation.


Learn more about the various industrial vacuum projects we
did for Rio Tinto, ALS Chemex,
Marc Environmental and
Peerless Holdings.