Workplace noise-induced hearing loss is a significant issue that demands attention - Should you be concerned for your workplace?
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» Noise induced hearing loss - should you worry about it? Find out more

Why Choose Pneuvay's Dust Collectors for your Business?

Save money with our reliable dust collector products and services.

Interception of 90%
of all Dust and Fumes

Safe and secure working environment

We secure the air quality of your workplace. We limit your staff's exposure to harmful dust and fumes by supplying superior quality
dust collector products.

Reliable and Economical Dust Collector Systems

Budget friendly equipment

We find the right dust collector system to economically meet every situation. Talk to us and learn about the variety of products we are
able to provide.

Dust Collector Systems of Donaldson

      Dust Collector
Systems of Donaldson

Reduced Operating Cost

Minimise risk of down time

Our goal is to maximise your performance level by minimising equipment repair and maintenance. Increase your productivity.
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24 Hour On-Call Service

Quick and reliable repair and maintenance team

Our relationship with you does not end with your product purchase.
We extend our services and provide 24 hours support to resolve
your operational problems.

Complete Control Solution

Providing solution to a broad range of industries

Our dust collector systems are applicable to variety of
industry applications including:

  • Abrasive Blasting and Shot Blast

  • Cement and Mineral

  • Chemicals and Plastics

  • Food Processing

  • Foundry

  • Glass

  • Grain, Agriculture and Feed

  • Laser Cutting

  • Metal Working

  • Mining and Mineral Products

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Plasma Cutting

  • Thermal Spray

  • Weld Fume

  • Wet Machining

  • Woodworking

Global Leader in Providing Dust Collector Systems and Services

Superior dust collectors for your industry needs

Our products and services extend to large and small companies.
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Broad Selection of
Dust Collector Systems

Servicing all your dust collection needs

We pride ourselves in delivering superior quality dust collection and filtration products manufactured by Donaldson Filtration Solutions.
We sell, service and install products required for your industry to operate in a clean and safe manufacturing facility.

Cartridge Dust Collectors

We minimise your unit's purchase price with our offer of smaller cartridge dust collectors with 25% more filtration capacity.
These are powered by proprietary Ultra-Web® nanofiber filtration technology that delivers:

  • Cleaner air
  • Double longer filter life
  • Greater cost savings

Downflo Oval Dust Collector (DFO)

DFO outperforms other products with its cost effective, innovative, easy-to-use, compact and powerful design and offer of:

  • Lower initial cost per cubic foot of air per minute (cfm)
  • Higher efficiency for producing cleaner air
  • Lower pressure drop resulting to greater energy savings
  • Fewer filter changeouts
  • Reduced filter disposal cost
  • Easy system setup with less maintenance requirements

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Baghouse Dust Collectors

We keep your operation running smoothly with our complete line of dependable baghouse dust collectors. We provide full range of solutions from nuisance dust to extremely heavy dust loads along with bin venting and product reclaim. Choose from our featured products below:

Dalamatic Series Dust Collectors

Our products are equipped to handle the most difficult product recovery applications. It features:

  • Continuous filtration of high dust concentrations at high filtration velocities and constant levels of resistance
  • Compact design for efficient installation even in the most space restricted locations
  • Dura-Life™ bag filters for better surface loading and pulse cleaning resulting to reduced maintenance and operating costs
  • Versatility catering to full range of sizes and types of bags

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Unimaster Dust Collectors

This self-contained dust collector comes complete
with the following features:

  • Fan and fan motor
  • Automatic shaker and shaker motor
  • System controller

It offers maximum handling capacity for filtration media are ranging from 40 to 750 feet.

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PowerCore Dust Collectors

We provide solution for industries requiring minimal space requirements with our space saving dust collectors. These are designed to fit the smallest spaces whilst handling:

  • High airflow
  • High dust loading
  • Challenging particulate

PowerCore CPV Series Dust Collectors

These are smaller yet smarter devices that provides:

  • Better dust collection
  • Requires less steel
  • Saves transportation costs
  • Lowers operational costs

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Fume Collectors

Our fume and dust collectors collect the fume before it reaches your welder's breathing zone. It features:

  • Ultra-web nanofiber filters delivering 13 filtration efficiency per ASHRAE 52.2-2007
  • Fits easily through a standard doorway which makes it very convenient to transport
  • "Plug and go" operation

Easy-Trunk Fume and Dust Collector

This has built-in pulse filter cleaning system that effectively cleans the filter cartridge resulting to extended filter life of your equipment.

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Porta-Trunk Fume and Dust Collector

This is equipped with static filter system and hinged door allowing easy filter access and quick maintenance.

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Environmental Control Booth
Dust Collectors (ECB)

This self-contained workstation is engineered to remove fine airborne dust without interfering with your workers movement and visibility.
It provides:

  • High filtration efficiency with its Ultra-Web filters
  • Removal of airborne dust from multiple sources
  • Freedom of movement and improved vision of workers
  • Flexibility to increase capacity
  • Easy mobility and requires no ductwork
  • Reduced energy costs while safely allowing clean air recirculation

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Replacement Filters
for Dust Collectors

Our replacement filters are fit for all Donaldson manufactured products, as well as other popular brands of dust collectors. Tell us your brand and model and we will supply you with high performance replacement filter product for your dust collectors.

  • PowerCore Filter Packs
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Bag Filters
  • Pleated Bag Filters
  • Panel Filters

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Noise induced hearing loss - should you worry about it?

Workplace noise-induced hearing loss is a significant issue that demands attention. According to WorkSafe Victoria, it is estimated that over 100,000 workers in the state are susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss.
Read on to see if you
should worry about it

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