Workplace noise-induced hearing loss is a significant issue that demands attention - Should you be concerned for your workplace?
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» Noise induced hearing loss - should you worry about it? Find out more

Kongskilde High
Pressure Blowers

Every Kongskilde industrial fans and blowers are known to provide the following advantages to industries:

  • Efficient Conveying of off-cuts
  • Improved Productivity
  • Clean Working Environment
  • Increased Profitability

The TRL high-pressure blowers and CAD feeders of Kongskilde are available in a wide range of sizes to match almost any specific conveying needs, both for indoor or outdoor purposes. Moreover, the use of the TRL high-pressure system is not limited by the flow arrangement or by complex layouts of outdoor silos or indoor building dimensions.

 Kongskilde High Pressure Blowers designed to meet a variety of applications.

Kongskilde TRL pneumatic conveying systems are suitable for wheat,
barley, oats, rye, corn, rape seed, canola, peas, soya beans, sesame
and many other grains and granular products.

Kongskilde High Pressure
Blower in Industries

Kongskilde have a range of high pressure blowers specifically designed for pneumatic conveying through the standard range of Kongskilde pipework and quick release clamps. Originally designed for grain and organic materials, these high pressure fan blowers are now more often used in conveying granular products such as:

  • Rubber compound
  • Polymers
  • Granules
  • Pasta
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Rye
  • Corn
  • Rape Seed
  • Canola
  • Peas
  • Soya Beans
  • Sesame

Kongskilde Pneumatic
Systems Important Features

The Kongskilde High Pressure Blower is particularly effective with systems incorporating a low dust control, especially with its following key features:

  • Economical and practical modular system with easy Installation
    and expansion process
  • DIY job with Kongskilde unique OK 160 pipe system
    using only basic tools
  • Capacities from 2.5 to 53 t/h with conveying length of up to 200m
  • Gentle conveying of grain as it is cushioned using a
    high volume of air
  • Multi dimensional conveying that convey crops horizontally, vertically and around corners in one stretch, which is ideal for filling silos and flat stores
  • Self-cleaning conveying system that easily changes from one variety to another
  • Low maintenance cost with no close tolerances in the blower and the feeder
  • Transportable feature resulting to a TRL blower, CAD feeder and pipes that are easily moved from one farm or site to another while keeping total investment at an absolute minimum.

Data Table of Kongskilde
High Pressure Blowers

This table provides the following important data features of the different high pressure blowers supplied by Kongskilde:

  • HP/kW

  • Wiring 50 Hz

  • Minimum fuse rating

  • Current consumption A

  • Maximum air flow rate m3/h

  • Maximum pressure mm WG

  • Motor rpm

  • Rotor rpm

Table of Kongskilde High
Pressure Blower Capacities

This table provides the capacity data of the
different high pressure blowers.

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and Industrial Fan Products

We offer a wide range of fan, blower and industrial fan products.
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Noise induced hearing loss - should you worry about it?

Workplace noise-induced hearing loss is a significant issue that demands attention. According to WorkSafe Victoria, it is estimated that over 100,000 workers in the state are susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss.
Read on to see if you
should worry about it

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