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Pneumatic Conveying Solutions for the Transportation Industry


Pneuvay Engineering supplies pneumatic conveying equipment used in tipping trailers that are used for delivering bulk materials and dry solids such as plastic granules. In fact, many of the trucks you see on the roads of Australia with carting containers use Pneuvay discharge equipment such as blowers and rotary values.


Approved Supplier of Bulk Materials Handling Systems and Equipment


For over twenty (20) years, we have fitted and supplied
trailers (skell) with various pneumatic conveying features to
many companies including:

  • BCA
  • Toll
  • Secon
  • Patricks
  • EA Rocke

Pneuvay transport equipment is used in every
capital city of Australia and includes:

  • Toowoomba
  • Townsville
  • Albury

Bulk Materials Handling Services
for the Transport Industry


We offer a one-stop shop solution for your bulk materials handling needs. Choose from any of the following services we provide:

  • Complete bulk storage facilities including in
    house systems loading and unloading
  • Full turnkey bulk handling solutions
  • Solution design with full engineering
    and 3D drafting facilities
  • The most effective, clean and efficient
    delivery process available

We are reliable transport partners that:

  • Use Highly Skilled Transport operators
  • Pick up from the wharf or store
    and deliver on request
  • A solution provider with
    over 30 years' experience (since 1982)

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clean and state-of-the-art trucks.

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Pneuvay Engineering Tipping
Trailers Features


The latest designs of our Tipping Trailers gives it the capacity to unload a standard 20 ft. container of plastic granules in less than 45 mins. This and the following remarkable pneumatic conveying features put it in the top rank among its competitors.

  • Suitable for multiple materials
    and multiple discharge sites
  • Fast hygienic discharge
  • Noise attenuated
  • 100% emptying
  • Air cooled

Pneuvay Engineering Mobile
Vacuum Recovery Systems


The following features of our mobile vacuum recovery systems allow us to efficiently assist clients with their mobile plant cleaning processes:

  • Reverse pulse environmentally sensitive filtration
  • Used extensively around mining and rutile sites
  • Multiple sized vac points from 150 mm to 50mm
  • High vacuum suitable for heavy materials
  • Standard trailer mounted (dual wheels)
  • Either electric or diesel driven

Bulk Materials Handling Equipment
for the Transportation Industry

Our services include dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems for that superior and cost effective transportation solution. Contact us to learn of the various bulk material handling solutions we offer the transportation industry and start enjoying the following advantages:

  • Reliable and cost effective equipment and machines
  • Easy to operate mechanisms
  • Flexible routing

Bulk Materials Handling Equipment
for the Transportation Industry

We offer pneumatic conveying solutions for your material
segregation and degradation. Trust us to provide you with cost
effective solutions that will remarkably improve your operation
and increase your production in compliance with international
health and environmental standards.

Contact us, for additional queries and concern about our
bulk materials handling equipment and services.

Noise induced hearing loss - should you worry about it?

Regenerative blowers are applied to situations where a large volume of air at high pressure is needed.
They are used in scenarios involving flammable gases or processes with hazardous or heavy-duty elements.
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