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Looking for pneumatic conveying companies in Australia?

Meet the market leader of pneumatic conveying companies

As the market leader of pneumatic conveying companies, we offer fully-integrated turnkey pneumatic conveying solutions. We are the only Australian company to do so. We are Pneuvay Engineering.

Why choose us among other pneumatic conveying companies?

There are four key reasons that make Pneuvay a market leader in pneumatic conveying:

  • Renowned as an expert in pneumatic conveying for Australia
  • Presence in diverse market sectors
  • Focused on servicing the total lifecycle of your plant
  • Passionate leadership and strong company culture

Offering fully integrated turnkey pneumatic conveying solutions

With over 30 years of experience, we design, construct, and install pneumatic conveying systems that are reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. We are one of the select few pneumatic conveying companies in Australia specialising in these services:

Learn more about Pneuvay Engineering today:

About Pneuvay Engineering

Since our establishment in 1982, Pneuvay Engineering has earned a reputation among pneumatic conveying companies as the market leader in pneumatic conveying technology and is focused on expanding its profile internationally.

Meet the Pneuvay team in action

Image above shows the Pneuvay team busy completing a pneumatic conveying project.


Pneuvay Engineering is a company that strives to meet and exceed client expectations by:

  • Supplying quality pneumatic conveying components
  • Designing reliable pneumatic conveying systems
  • Providing dependable service and maintenance


To achieve customer satisfaction by empowering all our people to eliminate waste and develop a culture of continuous improvement through teamwork.


We treat our people and partners with respect, dignity and compassion. We are committed in providing excellent services, and our core values are a reflection of this spirit.


We endeavour to build exceptional relations with all customers, agents and suppliers.


We are committed to providing a safe and stimulating working environment that encourages employees to develop individually and as a team.


We are determined to maintain and build upon our position as a reliable and proactive supplier of innovative and practical solutions for Australasia's pneumatic conveying needs.

Leaders within Pneuvay

Paul Malcolm - GENERAL MANAGER OF SALES & Engineering

"Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude."

Paul is an experienced and qualified engineer with advanced and associate diplomas. He has been part of Pneuvay Engineering since 2008. He enjoys fishing with his son and playing with his daughter.

Paul Malcom - General Manager of Sales and Engineering for Pneuvay Enginering

Paul Malcom - General Manager Sales and Engineering for Pneuvay

Glenn Cook - Technical Sales AND SERVICE MANAGER

"Being the best by making a commitment to continuous improvement because we listen, learn and improve daily."

Glenn joined Pneuvay in October 2001 with a background as a hands-on multi-skilled qualified fitter and started as a Service Technician. He spent many years in the engineering department, purchasing and warehouse where he progressed to the Technical Sales Engineer role. He is an enthusiastic golfer playing off single handicap at Kyneton and Lancefield Golf Club.

Glenn Cook - Technical Sales and Service Manager for Pneuvay

Glenn Cook - Technical Sales and Service Manager for Pneuvay

Ali Hajsadeghi - Project Manager

"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise."

Ali is a qualified engineer with more than two decades of experience in car manufacturing processes and designing special equipment like material handling devices. He loves playing chess, gardening, and spending time with his son.

Michael Choo- General Manager of Operations for Pneuvay

Ali Hajsadeghi - Project Manager for Pneuvay

Michael Choo - General Manager of Operations

"The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined effort of each individual."

Michael has been in executive leadership team for more than 25 years formulating business strategies and driving through process improvement initiatives. He obtained his CPA and worked in South-East Asia as CFO before calling Melbourne home in 2008. A weekend golfer who believes enjoying the game is more important than the scores.

Michael Choo- General Manager of Operations for Pneuvay

Michael Choo - General Manager of Operations for Pneuvay

History and timeline of Pneuvay Engineering

Travel back in time with us as we take you to the early beginnings of Pneuvay Engineering. See how it grew from just three (3) directors, working as engineers doing design and consultancy work, into one of the most renowned pneumatic conveying companies in Melbourne and around the world.

Pneuvay Engineering's timeline through the years

Timeline and milestones of Pneuvay Engineering

History and timeline of Pneuvay Engineering

Early beginnings (1982)

"We started with three directors working as engineers doing design and consultancy work on Horne Street, Campbellfield, Melbourne, Australia." - Michael Francis and Gary Smith

Michael Francis and Gary Smith saw an opportunity in the marketing place for an engineering company to specialise in the design and supply of pneumatic conveying systems. This prompted them to start a pneumatic conveying company in 1982.

First big projects

"We quickly became leaders in pneumatic conveying (constant velocity vacuum systems) and were engaged by big companies from the start." - Michael Francis

Within a few years of their company's establishment, Mike and Gary found themselves focusing on the design and pneumatic conveying systems for the following companies:

  • Grain Elevators Board (Now GrainCorp)
  • Quaker products (maker of Quaker Oats)
  • DOW Chemicals in Australia
  • Hourst Chemicals in Melbourne

Earlier models of Wade blowers and rotary valves

These are the early models of Pneuvay Engineering's Wade blowers and Rotary valves.

Move to Somerset (1986)

"We grew significantly and required a bigger premise - thus the need to move to Somerset." - Gary Smith

With the aim of expansion in mind, the company moved to a larger office with a workshop in 1986 on Somerset Street, Campbellfield, Melbourne.

Move to Louvain (1990)

"We needed a location with excellent access to major roads and freeways for the easy transport of equipment and supply of technicians in and out Melbourne. Coburg was the best choice." - Michael Francis

Pneuvay Engineering moves to Louvain in 1990

As Pneuvay becomes renowned as a leading pneumatic conveying company in Melbourne, the need for a factory with larger offices was evident.

Why Coburg?

Coburg is a north inner suburb of Melbourne and in a strategic location. The area was originally the industrial heartland of Melbourne. Despite much of the local industry moving to the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Coburg remains central to servicing industries throughout the city. It is 9 km north from the sea port and 12 km east of the airport. There is excellent access to major roads and freeways and this allows the easy transport of equipment or supply of technicians in and out of Melbourne.

Pneuvay enters the digital world with first website(1999)

"Pneuvay joins the digital world - one year after Google was launched."

Pneuvay launched its website on 1999

1999 saw the launch of Pneuay Engineering's website - just one year after Google launched theirs.

Pneuvay website upgrade (2009)

"One must constantly change and adapt to a new environment."

Pneuvay website upgraded - 2009

Pneuvay Engineering upgraded its website in 2009.

Pneuvay website revamp - better, bigger, bolder (2013)

"We always strive to improve ourselves for your ultimate customer satisfaction."

Wins Infolink award - proof Pneuvay leads other pneumatic conveying companies (2014)

"Recognition is the greatest motivator. Thank you." - Pneuvay Engineering

In 2014, Pneuvay Engineering ranked 28th overall in Infolink's list of 100 Trusted Brands and first in the Building and Construction Category. Play this video clip above and see some of the testimonials provided by our clients.

Expanding its profile internationally (2015)

Pneuvay has long been shipping products throughout Australia and overseas like Fiji and the United Kingdom. In 2015 however, the company saw a steady rise in demand in shipping products from Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, and the United States.

Pneuvay ships more products around the globe

Pneuvay's rotary valves, along with pressure pots and air slides, were among the top products with high demand outside of Australia in 2015.

Joining Pneu Powders Systems Group to cover Asia-Pacific & Middle East (2018)

We joined the Pneu Powders Systems Group in January to dramatically expand our service coverage to the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. This also added greater service capability for Australia in the powder food processing area. It was an important strategic development as the Pneu Powders Systems Group was an Asia-Pacific leader in pneumatic conveying and powder handling.

Read on for more here

Find out more on the benefits of Pneuvay joining the Pneu Powders Systems Group

Pneuvay increased its capacity when moving to the new factory at Tullamarine, Melbourne in 2019

Moves to larger factory in Tullamarine, Melbourne (2019)

We moved to the industrial park in Tullamarine near Melbourne Airport. The old office in North Coburg served us well and gave us many great memories . However we needed to go to a new larger factory to better facilitate or expanding engineering operation.

Read on for more here

Find out more on the benefits of Pneuvay moving to the new factory at Tullamarine, Melbourne in 2019

Pneuvay increased its capacity when moving to the new factory at Tullamarine, Melbourne in 2019

Pneumatic conveying services for industries

Our team of engineering experts have a wealth of experience in the fields of pneumatic conveying, industrial vacuum, bulk material handling and dust collection systems. They are skilled and knowledgeable in delivering the following services:

  • Engineering consulting, research and development
  • System design, construction and installation
  • Manufacture and/or supply of components
  • Service repair and maintenance

Scope of pneumatic conveying service

Our solutions extend from the smallest supply-only component to multi-million dollar contracts. This gives a wide variety of industries the edge they need. We have provided services to the following:

Summary of recent major projects

We take pride in completing the following projects from 2010 to 2015.

Design and Engineering Consultancy

We are renowned in the industry for our design and engineering consultancy which includes:

  • Engineering services on a number of projects for Worley Parsons
  • Technical advice and on-site support for Boyne Smelters Gladstone
  • Reporting on blowers for Queensland Nickel
  • Recommendations for Nestle for their pet food plant Blayney
  • Investigating and reporting conveying problems at Masterfoods Ballarat and the 3km pneumatic conveying system at Razer NSW

Air Slide Projects

Our air slide projects includes:

  • Queensland Alumina Ltd (QAL)
  • Blue Circle Southern Cement

Dust Collection and Industrial Vacuum Projects

Our dust collection and industrial vacuum projects include the following:

  • Toyota Australia
  • ALS Chemex
  • Marc Environmental
  • Peerless Holdings
  • Rio Tinto (Pilbara Iron and Bellbay)

Pneumatic Conveying Projects

Our pneumatic conveying projects include the following:

  • Glencore Xstrata - 1000 Tonne bulk cement handling system
  • Smorgon Steel
  • Dimattina and Coffico Coffee Houses

Others projects

We completed other pneumatic conveying projects for these businesses:

  • Cryovac
  • Tamworth WatPac
  • Wimpak, Orora
  • Norco foods
  • Coles Brand Magnum
  • Nestle

Client testimonials

We prefer to let our business customers speak on our behalf. Watch this video to see some of what our clients have to say about our services.

Read more testimonials. Visit this page.

See our video playlist of client testimonials.

Giving back to the community

We have a long-standing commitment to giving back to the Inner North Melbourne community where we work and live in. Our contributions, leadership and volunteer efforts help in the development of a better and stronger neighbourhood in which we can flourish and enjoy.

Visit our Community Page to learn more

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Noise induced hearing loss - should you worry about it?

Workplace noise-induced hearing loss is a significant issue that demands attention. According to WorkSafe Victoria, it is estimated that over 100,000 workers in the state are susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss.
Read on to see if you
should worry about it

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