Workplace noise-induced hearing loss is a significant issue that demands attention - Should you be concerned for your workplace?
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Dust collector maintenance and filter, bag and cartridge cleaning service

Our highly qualified technicians provide a full range of maintenance services for your dust collector, baghouse and filter elements. We not only supply the replacement dust collector parts but also remove and replace parts under a scheduled or emergency shutdown basis. Further, we can extend the life of filters, bags and cartridges by cleaning and greatly reduce operating costs.


Industries that use dust collectors include:

  • Abrasive blasting
  • Powder coaters
  • Manufacturing

Our service technicians are seasoned specialists that know and understand the importance of maintaining dust collector safely, properly, and in a timely fashion.


Talk to us if you require for your dust collectors:

Dust collector filter, bag and cartridge cleaning


A new filter operates at its most effective life with a coating of filter build on the membrane. This adds a pre-coat that releases dust during its cleaning cycle. This is often referred to as conditioning of the filter so a dirty filter cleans better than a new filter. However, filters should be cleaned (or replaced) at specified intervals, often based on an evaluation by a trained service technician. When it comes to maintaining effective dust collector filters, bags and cartridge, the cost effective choice when possible is to clean these filters rather than replace for the following reasons:

  • Minimises air filter costs by 75%
  • Decreases your inventory by 75%
  • Helps reduce landfill volume by as much as 85%

Why choose air compression cleaning rather than washing option for your filters?


There are two common ways of cleaning filters, cartridges and bags: compressed air and washing. Compressed air filter cleaning is the better method for the following reasons:

  • Laboratory tests indicate that each wash reduces the permeability of filters, cartridges and bags to up to 20% each wash "end on end" making it uneconomical
    after 3 washes
  • Washed filters are generally not tested and as such
    do not meet the warranty requirements of the original equipment manufacturer
  • Washing will weaken the membrane, cause premature failure and have serious consequences on filter operation and machine operation

If frequent cleaning is necessary then it is possible that the dust collection system was incorrectly sized.


Further, reducing air pollution increases workplace safety and reduces damage to the environment. Complete our online form below to schedule your dust collector filter, bag and cartridge cleaning and maintenance, today.


Dust collector magnehelic (differential pressure) gauges installation


Aside from cleaning and replacing filters, cartridges and bags, the Pneuvay Engineering service department also installs magnehelic gauges to your equipment.


What is a magnehelic gauge?


A magnehelic gauge is a type of differential pressure gauge that monitors the difference in pressure between dirty air sections and clean air of dust collectors, baghouses and industrial vacuum systems. It monitors the difference between dirty air sections and clean air within your equipment.


Advantages of installing magnehelic gauges to your dust collector, baghouse and industrial vacuum system


Installing a magnehelic gauge ensures that cleaning cycles are reduced to a minimum amount. As a result your equipment experiences:

  • Less filter wear
  • Low operating differential pressure
    and compressed air usage
  • Improved filter bag collection efficiency
    and extended filter bag life
  • Reduced operating maintenance costs

Magnehelic gauges tell you when it's time to clean or replace your dust collector filters


Changes in the differential pressure are an indication of physical changes in your filters. A sudden drop alerts you the cleaning system has stopped functioning because a filter leak or rupture has occurred. It could also mean that a material discharge device is no longer operating correctly.


Slow drops indicate an accumulation dust on the filters, thus restricting the airflow through the dust collector.


Our service department can quickly go to your premise to check any irregularity shown in your magnehelic gauge. Call us immediately, so we can have your equipment inspected and your filters cleaned, as required.


Dust collector transition hose (flexible duct) installation and maintenance


With more than 30 years of industry experience, our service department can perform duct installation and maintenance on your equipment. We will help you with your duct design. We will review your requirements and recommend the most efficient materials to use. As a result, you'll have transition hoses that are:

  • Short as possible because longer ducts only creates higher static pressure and poorer performance
  • Bigger in diameter allowing more air movement to ensure less static pressure.
  • Smooth and gradual as possible to make it easier for dust and particles to travel to it

Complete our online form below, so we can visit your workplace and properly assess your duct requirements.


Dust collector preventive maintenance plans


We perform periodic inspections of your dust collection and industrial vacuum systems on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis. This can include:


Differential pressure (DP) drop reading


Our service technicians are trained in-house to properly read and assess differential pressure measurements. Contact us about our preventive maintenance plans and let us expert service technicians do accurate monitoring of your DP gauge.


Scheduled compressed air cleaning of filters, bags and cartridges


Keep your filters and dust collectors working efficiently. Schedule regular cleaning of your filters, bags and cartridges, today.


Hopper discharge inspection and maintenance


Low density materials have a tendency to sweep dust into your bag section resulting to damaged filter bags and clogged dust collectors. Let our technicians inspect this regularly to avoid unwanted downtime.


Blowers and fans check-up


Ensure your dust collection system has enough ventilation for it to operate effectively. Prevent unusual vibration and squealing on your system by having one of our service technicians check your blowers and fans as required.


Engineering evaluations, troubleshooting and repairs


We can perform engineering evaluations, troubleshooting and repairs to your dust collectors. We inspect your welds, joints, couplings, pipes and seals in search of leaks. We tightly secure any of these parts and recommended replacements for structural support parts that show signs of wear and tear and excessive corrosion. We can even repair holes, replace missing bolts and re-weld sections that require fixing.


Filter, cartridge and bag replacements


Filters, bags and cartridges can only be cleaned for a number of time before they need replacing. Complete our online form if you need replacement of these parts. We have filters, bags and cartridges replacements to supply. Click here to learn more about the comprehensive range we supply.


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Noise induced hearing loss - should you worry about it?

Workplace noise-induced hearing loss is a significant issue that demands attention. According to WorkSafe Victoria, it is estimated that over 100,000 workers in the state are susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss.
Read on to see if you
should worry about it

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