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Donaldson PowerCore
CVP Dust Collector

The PowerCore® dust collection technology from Donaldson outperforms traditional baghouse collectors and does so in less space.
It combines award-winning PowerCore® filter packs with a new and patented compact oblique pulse cleaning system that delivers high filtration efficiencies not usually found in baghouse filtration.

In one extremely small and powerful package, the PowerCore® dust collector fits into the smallest places and handles:

  • Airflow
  • High grain loading
  • Challenging particulate
Donaldson PowerCore CPV Dust Collector

Donaldson PowerCore CPV Dust Collector

Donaldson PowerCore CPV Dust Collector

Donaldson PowerCore CPV Dust Collector

Donaldson PowerCore CPV Dust Collector

Donaldson PowerCore CPV Dust Collector

Pneumatic Conveying Advantages of Donaldson PowerCore
CPV Dust Collector

The PowerCore CPV Dust Collector has been a Finalist in the Plant Engineering Product of the Year 2008 and the Reader's Choice Award for Powder and Bulk Engineering 2008 due to the following benefits it brings to industries:

  • Collectors weigh less so shipping costs are lower
  • Easier filter pack changeouts save time and money
  • There are no filter bags or cages to ship and install separately
  • Airflow design prevents dust bridging between
    filter packs - less maintenance required
  • Airflow patterns minimise abrasion, preventing leaks and maintenance common with abrasive dust

Pneumatic Conveying Features
of Donaldson PowerCore
CPV Dust Collector

With the above mentioned advantages of the PowerCore CPV Series,
it is natural for industries to be amazed with its remarkable
features such as:

Smarter Filter Cleaning

PowerCore® collectors include a new patented compact
oblique pulse cleaning system designed to matc h the pulse
energy to the obround shape of the PowerCore® filter pack.
The resulting pulse flow effectively covers the entire media pack.
It easily pulses the dust out of the fluted channels that keeps the pressure drop low and prolongs filter life.

Sophisticated Modeling

The design of the pulse accumulator is result of Donaldson's commitment to technical research and development.
FLUENT* Airflow Modeling software created the shape of the pulse accumulators to optimise the pulse energy without restricting the airflow and wasting energy. The pulse accumulators also serve as a filter retention mechanism that secures the filter pack in place and ensures optimum gasket compression.

Significant Operational Savings

PowerCore® can reduce your cost of dust collection. An application requiring 2400mm filter bags in the past now only needs 178mm tall PowerCore® filter packs. Fewer filters mean lower filter changeout costs and faster changeouts. Moreover, the smaller collector means lower installation costs and less factory floor or bin space consumption.

Easy Maintenance

Replacing the PowerCore® packs is as easy as 1-2-3. Contrary to many traditional baghouse collectors, these are lightweight and accessed from the clean side of the collector. Its easy, fast, and clean. There are no tools or cages required.

Dimensions and Specifications Table of the PowerCore CPV Dust Collector Models

We supply a wide range of CPV Dust Collectors. See this table to see its specific features such as:

  • Number of Filter Packs

  • PowerCore Filter Area

  • Number of Valves

  • Shipping Weight (kgs)

  • Dimensions (mm)

NOTE: Refer to PDF for the Standard Features and Equipment Options of both the PowerCore CPC Collectors and the PowerCore CPV Collectors.

Pneumatic Conveying Process of Donaldson PowerCore CPV Dust Collector

The incredible efficacy of the Donaldson PowerCore CPV Dust Collector rests primarily with its remarkable FLUENT Airflow Modeling Software. This allows a smooth filtration process with the following operation:

  • Dust laden air enters the collector through the dirty air inlet and is directed upward through the filter packs
  • Heavier particulate falls directly into the hopper or bin below
  • Air is filtered through the filter packs and then directed
    out the clean air outlet
  • When pressure drop exceeds a pre-set point, the compact oblique pulse system sends a pulse of cleaning air back through the filter packs and thoroughly cleans the media flutes

Application of Donaldson PowerCore CPV Dust Collector in Industries

  • Pulverized polyethylene plastic
  • Powdered milk dust in cheese factory
  • Conveyor line at concrete and asphalt plant
  • Wood dust in furniture manufacturing plant
    and school wood shop

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Collector Products

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Regenerative blowers are applied to situations where a large volume of air at high pressure is needed.
They are used in scenarios involving flammable gases or processes with hazardous or heavy-duty elements.
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