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Clean factory environments and the efficient handling of process waste are factors of paramount importance in today's manufacturing industries. Companies invest heavily in state of the art and processing equipment to maintain a competitive edge, but often overlook the need to efficiently handle the process waste generated by such equipment.

Kongskilde has unrivalled expertise in the handling of process waste produced in various industries. Our recently installed systems include the removal of unfilled confectionery packets from packing conveyors and the removal of cardboard trim waste from shredded boxes.

Pneumatic Conveying Modular
Solutions for Homogenizing
Process Waste

Kongskilde specializes in the conveying, compaction and cleaning of process waste within the paper, plastics and packaging industries; thus giving your company direct access to trade oriented know-how on process waste handling.

Plastic Industry

Re-granulated plastic bottles and waste plastics often contain fines, paper, labels and other impurities that reduce processing efficiency. The unique Kongskilde air separations equipment increases production efficiency by separating and removing the following materials, even if they have different densities:

  • Granular plastic rejects
  • Plastic waste process into flakes
  • Finished plastic items
  • Sprouts, top and tails for recycling

Paper Industry

Most industries, particularly the paper industry, generates a large quantity of dust with each of its operational processes. Kongskilde maintains the cleanliness of the workplace as it effectively and efficiently carries dirt produced from:

  • Sprues
  • Continuous trim
  • Trim cut
  • Roll Off-Cuts
  • Plain Off-Cuts

Trim Removal Industry

A patented in-line Venturi and our standard range of modular pneumatic components enable continuous trim to be conveyed to a waste collection/processing area. Using the Kongskilde Multicutter unit, which has the capacity to handle the trims from up to four machines working simultaneously, the volume of the conveyed trim can be drastically reduced, thus removing the need for a compactor/baling machine. This is extremely helpful for:

  • Film or foil production machines
  • Slitters or rewinders
  • Paper manufacturing machines

Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding Industry

Plastic waste like tops and tails from the blow moulding process and sprues from injection moulding machines is generated during the production process. Using Kongskilde modular pneumatic technology, these waste products are conveyed directly to a granulator and from there, either into a pelletizer or directly back into the production.

Our standard systems easily suit a variety of applications. Choose from the list of industrial fans blowers, pressure blowers, industrial blowers, and positive displacement blowers we offer for the efficient handling
of your process waste.

Advantages of Kongskilde Fans,
Blowers and Industrial Fans

The unrivaled expertise of Kongskilde in the handling of process waste and its thorough knowledge acquired from the hundreds of worldwide installations allow us to provide simplified solutions to our clients around the globe. This also results to numerous advantages such as:

Efficient Conveying of off-cuts

Kongskilde has a thoroughly tested and efficient conveying system that returns the off-cuts, as generated in the production or converting of paper, printing and packaging material, for either reclamation or disposal.

Improved Productivity

Kongskilde eliminates the room for the handling process to produce a bottleneck in the production process as it frees manpower resources and space for other purposes.

Clean Working Environment

Most industries, particularly the paper industry, generates a large quantity of dust with each of its operational processes. Using the Kongskilde vacuum conveying systems alleviates this problem by carrying away dust with the paper edge trim equipment.

Increased Profitability

Kongskilde offers optimum utilization of all raw materials through the immediate recycling or re-introduction of these materials into the production cycle.

Kongskilde Fans, Blowers and
Industrial Fan Products

We supply a wide range of Kongskilde fans, blowers and industrial fan products. Click on the image to learn more about each of the products we offer to various industries.

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Regenerative blowers are applied to situations where a large volume of air at high pressure is needed.
They are used in scenarios involving flammable gases or processes with hazardous or heavy-duty elements.
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