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Repair and maintenance service for pneumatic conveying, dust collector, industrial vacuum and bulk material handling systems

We have over 30 years of industry experience including regular maintenance of pneumatic conveying, bulk material handling, industrial vacuum and dust collector systems and equipment.


Talk to us if you need:

  • 24 hour on-call service
  • Immediate response to emergency calls
  • Expert assessment of your system and equipment
  • Wide-range of required parts and accessories
  • Reminder calls for maintenance (you'll never miss it because we'll always remember)

Never miss a scheduled system and equipment maintenance with SITE


Pneuvay Engineering recently introduced SITE, an advanced software that prompts our service technicians to contact and remind you of your next scheduled service maintenance. Watch this short video clip to learn more about it.



Advanced features of SITE


We ensure quick, efficient and reliable repair and maintenance services with the aid of SITE amazing features:

Learn more about SITE. Read our news article about it.


Get your systems and equipment maintained by highly qualified technicians


We provide clients the assurance that their systems are being serviced and maintained by qualified technicians and specialists. Regular servicing ensures that equipment is running at maximum performance levels whilst minimising operating costs. Call us on 1800 786 642 or contact us using our online form to enquire about servicing and maintenance of your systems and equipment such as:

Reduce your maintenance costs with the right service terms and frequency


We can design an approach that suits your requirements. We can share maintenance responsibilities between our technicians and your staff or service all your maintenance needs. We have service frequencies under these terms:

  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Bi-annual
  • Annual
  • Customised
Call us on 1800 786 642, today and learn more about the competitive cleaning, repair and maintenance services we deliver.


Dust collectors repair and maintenance and filter, bag and cartridge cleaning


Our service technicians are seasoned specialists that know and understand the importance of maintaining your dust collector safely, properly, and in a timely fashion.


Talk to us if you require for your dust collectors:

  • Filter, cartridge and bag cleaning
  • Magnehelic (differential pressure) gauges installation
  • Transition hose (flexible duct) installation and maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance plans
    • Differential pressure drop reading
    • Compressed air cleaning of filters, bags and cartridges
    • Hopper discharge inspection and maintenance
    • Blowers and fans check-up
  • Engineering evaluations, troubleshooting and repairs
  • Filter, cartridge and bag replacements
Visit our Dust Collector Cleaning and Maintenance page.


Pneumatic conveying systems repair and maintenance


Increasing your saving as well as improve your machine uptime, reliability, performance and longevity. Let our expert service technicians perform regular maintenance and repair of your pneumatic conveying systems. Talk to us if you need:

  • Field repairs for your pneumatic conveying systems
  • Equipment maintenance, including overhauling blowers
  • Project maintenance
Our service plans are made to minimise and prevent component failures, major repairs and unplanned downtime with the service frequency that provides you the value for money. Read more about the service frequencies we offer businesses, today.


Why you Should get an initial inspection and assessment of pneumatic conveying systems and equipment?


Pneumatic conveying equipment is engineered to efficiently run for years. If your system has not been properly inspected for some time then its best you do to ensure there are no developing problems and work out a service schedule. Proper maintenance is required to keep it running efficiently and make it last. A top-to-bottom initial inspection and assessment of your pneumatic conveying equipment will allow us to:

  • Give a detailed report with early warnings of part wear and/or impending component failures
  • Show you can make cost saving improvements
  • Recommend a cost effective maintenance program that will minimise system failure
Schedule your initial inspection today and receive:
  • No-obligation quote and expert advice on how you can better maximise your equipment investment
  • Maintenance baseline for your pneumatic conveying equipment
  • Detailed initial inspection report on maintenance and repair needs
  • Consultation with service technician experts on how to maximize equipment longevity and reduce operating costs

What our pneumatic conveying service maintenance program can do for you?


Our service maintenance program minimises "surprise" expenses. Call us on 1800 786 642 or complete our online form and have a no-obligation quote based on the level of maintenance assistance you want which may either be a:

  • Regularly scheduled equipment inspections by our service technician
  • Shared maintenance responsibilities between our service technician and your staff
  • Full maintenance performed by our service technicians

Spare parts and accessories for pneumatic conveying systems

Industrial vacuum system repair and maintenance


We provide flexible service options to work with your existing business requirements. Our service ranges from supplying parts or providing one-time service calls to scheduling periodic maintenance programs for your industrial vacuum system.


Why you need a reliable industrial vacuum systems service maintenance program?


Regular maintenance of your industrial vacuum system ensures it will run as efficiently as possible for the life of the equipment. This results in:

  • Reduced equipment downtime
  • Increased equipment life
  • Reduced energy costs

We schedule the maintenance of your equipment based on your needs. Talk to us to learn more about the service frequencies we offer business, today.

What our industrial vacuum service maintenance program can do for you?


We work with you to evaluate your industrial vacuum systems and will:

  • Make recommendations specifically designed for your business
  • Set up a maintenance program to fit your needs
  • Track when your scheduled maintenance is due
  • Remind you of your next scheduled maintenance appointment
Call us at 1800 786 642 and let our expert service technicians perform the following repair and maintenance tasks for you:
  • Measure and record all temperatures and pressures
  • Replacement of worn industrial vacuum parts
  • Check motor overload, time delay settings and air leaks
  • Inspect safety and vent valve(s), drive coupling element, cooling fans and blowers
  • Check functioning of the unloading valve
  • Replace air filter element(s) as required

Spare parts and accessories for industrial vacuum systems

We are a supplier of industrial vacuum system parts such as:

Bulk material handling systems repair and maintenance


We are committed to deliver 100% customer satisfaction with our:

  • Turnkey services without the need to involve your own plant personnel
  • Cost effective contract options without any hidden charges
  • Quick and low-cost repair and mobilization process
  • Efficient cleaning system with limited or no system outage

Why you need to have a regular maintenance program for your bulk material handling system and equipment?


Regular inspection and maintenance of your bulk material handling system and equipment results to:

  • Unwanted downtime
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Minimised accidents in the workplace

Talk to us and learn more about the cost effective material bulk handling systems repair and maintenance service program we deliver.


What our bulk material handling service maintenance program can do for you?


Our service maintenance program includes:

  • Planning and estimating of systems
  • Shutdown planning and coordination
  • Inspection, scheduling and record keeping
  • Hopper and bin repair and rebuilding
  • Silo, bin and hopper cleaning
  • Carryback analysis
  • Dust monitoring

We are skilled and trained to:

  • Easily clean any material from light to severe compaction
  • Diagnose, adjust or align, and calibrate systems and parts
  • Remove and replace parts and accessories
  • Perform total clean-out of material
  • Inspect and install
  • Refurbish and modify
  • Repair or rebuild

Spare parts and accessories for materials bulk handling systems


Do you need to replace some parts and accessories on your system and equipment? We have full range of parts for your needs


What industries need our repair and maintenance services?

Do you require dust collection, pneumatic conveying, industrial vacuum and bulk material handling system and equipment repair and maintenance services not listed on our list for these industries?


  • Cement plants and terminals
  • Chemical and plastics
  • Coal and petroleum Products
  • Feed and Grain
  • Food and beverage
  • Glass, stone and clay
  • Industrial machinery
  • Mining, quarrying & extraction
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power Generation
  • Concrete
  • Process industries
  • Pulp and paper
  • Sand and gravel
  • Steel and aluminum
  • Wastewater treatment


Complete our online form and tell us about it. Our expert engineers and service technicians are happy to advise and assist your situation.

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Noise induced hearing loss - should you worry about it?

Regenerative blowers are applied to situations where a large volume of air at high pressure is needed.
They are used in scenarios involving flammable gases or processes with hazardous or heavy-duty elements.
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