Workplace noise-induced hearing loss is a significant issue that demands attention - Should you be concerned for your workplace?
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» Noise induced hearing loss - should you worry about it? Find out more

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Hong Koh - Plant Engineer
of South Pacific Tyres

"Outstanding knowledge and exceptionally competent in heavy industrial machine application"

The hardworking team of Pneuvay Engineering

The hardworking team of Pneuvay Engineering

South Pacific Tyres made no second guesses when they commissioned us to remove their large Banbury Mixer for it to be installed at the Good Year Veyance Plant. We have worked other projects with them and they knew putting this project in our hands will lead to the same satisfactory result. We did so, amidst the tight schedule they have given us, leaving them impressed with the degree of expertise and skills of our crew.

"Your workforce has proven to be exceptionally competent in heavy duty industrial machine application with an outstanding knowledge in the rubber processing equipment.

I am very impressed with the crew's technical expertise across a wide variety of automation platforms and their ability to always produce a great result in a timely manner."

Andrew Keil - Site Manager
of Laucke Flour Mills Pty Ltd

Laucke Flour Mills Pty Ltd wanted a blower with reduced noise level. We supplied and installed our LT-100 Blower and silencer is to address this need. See how it greatly improved their operation.

"The LT–100 Blower and silencer is installed and operational and meeting all of our requirements. The noise reduction has been significant, from a shielded 93–95db on the old unit to an unshielded 80db on the new— by the time we put some shielding on it the noise will be around the 70db level.

Thanks again for the service you and your team have provided."


Ador R. Pasturan - Engineering Manager/Project Manager of Siligan White Cap South East Asia, Inc.

In 2013 Silgan White Cap employed Pneuvay Engineering to electrically tag, disconnect and mechanically remove process equipment from the factory of Amcor Closures in Thomastown Victoria.


"The works were carried out in a very professional manner and included photos, assembly instructions, electrical cable schedules all suitable for reinstalling the machines and process lines in Manila.

The project was co-ordinated according to strict safety guidelines and was completed on time on budget.


"The project included the arrangement of container packing and shipping.Importantly the equipment was removed without damage and packed effectively and efficiently.


Pneuvay provide world class engineering support and we would have no hesitation in recommending them for future works."


Summary of client testimonials

Summary of client testimonials from Infolink Top Trusted Brand Survey

Summary of client testimonials from Infolink Top Trusted Brand Survey

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Noise induced hearing loss - should you worry about it?

Workplace noise-induced hearing loss is a significant issue that demands attention. According to WorkSafe Victoria, it is estimated that over 100,000 workers in the state are susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss.
Read on to see if you
should worry about it