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Pneumatic Conveying Solutions for the Aviation Industry


Pneumatic Conveying Solutions for the Aviation Industry

Pneumatic Conveying Solutions for the Aviation Industry

There is an ever increasing demand for highly technical Pneuvay vacuum equipment systems within the aviation industry. More and more aeroplane designers are using carbon reinforced composites and the like rather than using metallic structures. Therefore, it is very important that proper dust extraction, disposal and environmental assessments are carried out when using these new composites.


Approved Supplier in the
Aviation Industry


We are more than pleased to supply our customers in the aviation industry with quality pneumatic conveying solutions, particularly aspects related to dense phase pneumatic conveying systems. We are inducted and approved suppliers to:

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying
for the Aviation Industry


High pressure systems, referred to as dense phase system, utilize air pressure ranging from 15 PSIG to 50 PSIG in the pipe. This has to be efficiently designed to guarantee sufficient positive pressure is applied to the material for it to efficiently push the materials into the conveying line at a relatively low velocity. Often than not, materials conveyed in this process are abrasive in nature as it eliminates and minimizes transfer pipe erosion.


We have supplied and applied several case study in the aviation industry providing pneumatic conveying solutions and dust extraction systems to major airlines. Benefit from the patented pneumatic conveying machines, systems, and equipment we offer and eliminate unwanted environmental risks and downtime in your operation.


Pneumatic Conveying Vacuum
Equipment and Dust Extraction
Systems for the Aviation Industry


We provide complete vacuum equipment and dust extraction with its offer of the following systems, machines and equipment.


Vacuum Equipment Systems

  • High velocity vacuum equipment systems for auto routers
  • High Velocity vacuum equipment systems for sanding
  • Super quiet vacuum pumps and blowers

Dust Extraction Systems


We take pride in supplying high quality vacuum equipment and dust extraction systems to our clients in Australia and around the globe.
We tailor our services to fit your every need and concern.
Contact us to learn more about the pneumatic products, systems,
and services we offer for the aviation industry.


Noise induced hearing loss - should you worry about it?

Regenerative blowers are applied to situations where a large volume of air at high pressure is needed.
They are used in scenarios involving flammable gases or processes with hazardous or heavy-duty elements.
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