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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Roots blowers are a generic term used for positive displacement rotary air blowers. These are one of the most important parts of any manufacturing and processing industry. 

It has a wide range of industry applications including:

It is most helpful in handling bulk material and dust collection processes especially in these systems:
Read on to learn more about how choosing the right roots blower can help increase production and process efficiency in the workplace.

Factors to consider in choosing 

the right roots blower

Pressure roots blower

With different brands of roots blowers sold in the market today, how do you find the right roots blower for your industry and system needs? What factors should you consider? How do you know which one to buy?

Here are some questions you should consider and expert advice on what factors to weigh up when choosing the right roots blowers for your system needs.

Identify the amount of volume flow 

and pressure head

Does your system require higher volume, flow and pressure but reduced power consumption? Need help knowing the amount of volume flow and pressure your system needs for it to efficiently convey materials into your production line?

Pneuvay Engineering can help calculate this for you. Tell us the material you need to transport into your systems and we will handle it from there. Contact us online for assistance. Otherwise, see the pressure ratings of our roots blowers to properly assess if it fits your requirement.

Note: Roots blowers pressure ratings measured in kPa and indicate its performance when considered against flow. So ensure you know the required pressure and flow rate to properly assess which blower fits your requirement.

Performance ratings

(gear speed and motor rating)

The performance ratings of roots blowers are influenced by the following factors:

Speed and motor rating

Ensure that the speed at which the gears revolve and its total horsepower works efficiently with your system requirements.


Choose roots blowers made from materials or have particular configurations that help limit the noise output. Pneuvay blowers use vibration isolators and silencers. They can be supplied with acoustic enclosures that are designed to fit.


The efficient performance of roots blowers is dependent on the correct and effective regulation of temperature within the system.
Be mindful of the intensity of heat generated during operation because a slight temperature change can be enough to alter the condition of the material being conveyed into the system. 


Test the durability of the roots blower by considering these factors:
  • Material used in the device
  • Compliance to standards
  • Maintenance requirements
Enquire if the supplier offers after sales services to ensure you have someone to assist to in case you require repair and maintenance of your roots blowers. Choose a reputable supplier that has been serving industries for years like Pneuvay Engineering.


Specification should be compared with cost when choosing roots blowers for systems and industries. Pneuvay Engineering offers affordable, durable and reliable roots blowers. Talk to us at 1300721458 or contact us online.

Functions of roots blower in systems

Vacuum roots blower

Roots blowers are widely used in process applications demanding medium pressures and relatively large flow rates. This includes:
  • Aquaculture for the maintenance of the dissolved oxygen level
  • Biogas boosting for the transfer of biogas from gasholder to boiler
  • Cement plants for aeration, blending, conveying and fluidisation
  • Chemical plants for the supply of processed air
  • Effluent treatment plants for the diffused aeration and agitation of effluent
  • Electroplating plants for the oil free air agitation of electrolyte that maintains uniform density
  • Flocculation to increase the removal of suspended solids in primary setting facility
  • Paper plants for the coatings of paper and knife edge
  • Pneumatic conveying for vacuum, pressure and combination conveying of cereals, minerals, cement, flour, husk, granules, powders and other similar materials
  • Polyester chip to convey and dry transfer polyester chips  
  • Water treatment plants for backwashing of filter beds
  • Yarn drying for the vacuum or pressure drying of yarn
Below is a brief discussion on how roots blowers help optimise system performance, automate difficult processes faster and deliver power saving efficiency to your systems.

Roots blowers and pneumatic conveying systems

Roots blowers applications to industries

Roots blowers are important in supplying oil free clean pressurized or vacuum air to the pneumatic conveying system. However, it is important to choose the right roots blowers that will uniformly deliver and efficiently regulate the processing of materials passing through the system.
This pressurised system is most evident in industries such as:
  • Food processing
  • Agriculture
  • Cement and mining
  • Plastic, paper, textile and packaging
  • Water treatment

Roots blowers and central 

vacuum cleaning systems

Industrial vacuum cleaning system with roots blowers

Industrial vacuum cleaning system with roots blowers for Rio Tinto (Bellbay)

Central vacuum cleaning chambers rely on the efficient suction power of roots blowers in reducing and eliminating dust waste pollution in the workplace. However, the efficient suctioning power of a roots blower is not the only factor you should consider. Arguably, the largest system installed in Australia is at the Port Kembla grain terminal where over 10 km of pipework and 1100 operating points were installed.
Some aspects to take into consideration includes:
  • Volume flow and pressure head
  • Type of material and waste
  • Number of operators
  • Location and length of the system
  • Performance ratings
  • Durability and cost
Our modern roots blower are designed with the following features:
  • Noise reduction
  • Online filter cleaning
  • Filter status indicators
These ensure the machine operator's safety and simplifies the maintenance process.

Roots blowers and aeration systems

The refining and oxidation processes involved in processing materials from farms, mining sites and water treatment plants require efficient roots blowers that can supply strong air into the system. This is needed to ensure the temperature level required to reduce moisture, mold development and insect activity inside the storage silos are maintained for these industries:
  • Food processing
  • Cement and mining
  • Water treatment
Contact us online to learn how our roots blowers can better improve your aeration system.

Roots blowers and dehydration systems

Air drying is one of the safest ways of product preservation. Roots blowers can deliver humid air at a controlled pressure and temperature. This helps retain most of the properties of these materials. Thus preserving it in a quick, safe and cost effective manner. 

Talk to us at 1300721458 to learn more about the industrial vacuum cleaning, dust collection systems and pneumatic conveying systems we deliver to these industries:
  • Food processing
  • Agriculture
  • Cement and mining
  • Plastic, paper, and packaging
  • Textile

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Are you involved in handling bulk powders, granules, pellets or flakes? If so, you should consider going to the Australian Bulk Handling Expo. Come see us exhibiting at BULK2022 EXPO from 24th to 26th August 2022 at Melbourne Convention Center. Read on for more information.

Are you involved in handling bulk powders, granules, pellets or flakes?
If so, you should consider going to
the Australian Bulk Handling Expo.

Come see us exhibiting at BULK2022 EXPO from 24th to 26th August 2022 at Melbourne Convention Center. Read on for more information. Find out more.