Pneuvay Engineering is now officially the sole agent in Australia for Vortex - Find out more.
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» US-based Vortex has chosen us to be their sole agent in Australia - Find out more



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October sees the launch of Pneuvay’s newly transformed website. It has undergone a complete changeover guaranteed to delight any online visitor, especially with its following remarkable features:

  • Professional, organised and highly informative products and industry pages
  • Simple and convenient navigation features
  • Quicker and faster communication with built in social media functions
  • Reliable and easy to use Contact Us Form
  • Larger, enhanced and more vivid product images

Going Global with

International Agents Page

Pneuvay’s latest website comes fully packed with its openinvitation for International Agents to act as distributor of their products and services in theregions of US, UK and Canada. It stretches its arms and welcomes top-ratedcompanies looking for a dependable service provider to supply them with secondto none pneumatic conveying products and services.

Professional and Neatly

Organised Product Pages

The new website proudly offers better online product search, especially with its neatly laid out product features, models, graphs and images. It has undoubtedly made online product search a whole lot easier and convenient with these following add ons:

  • Informative downloadable PDF
  • Latest product images
  • Performance graphs
  • Dimension Tables
  • Online Enquiry Forms

Impressive Client Testimonial

Pneuvay’s Testimonial Page, adds depth and integrity to the site as testament coming from previous clients, such as SPT, is highlighted individually in this section. It easily intensifies and attests Pneuvay’s degree of:

  • Professionalism
  • Expertise
  • Reliability

Engaging Social

Media Functionality

Following the global industry trend, Pneuvay joins the online community with enabled social media functions promoting better communication and improved customer satisfaction. Now, clients and visitors can easily relay their thoughts to the Management Team by easily liking the

following social profiles:

Although the website is just a window of the huge realm of products and services offered by Pneuvay Engineering; with its launch, Pneuvay has reinforced its message that it remains one of the best in the field of pneumatic conveying in Australia and around the globe.

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Read up on Pneuvay Engineering is now officially the sole agent in Australia for Vortex

Pneuvay Engineering is proud to announce we are the official sole agent for Vortex Australia.

This is a great development for the Australian pneumatic conveying industry.
Read on for more.