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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It has been a big year for Pneuvay Engineering. Michael Francis, Managing Director, travelled abroad to build stronger ties with several important trading partners including :

Read more about his global visits to these suppliers, manufacturers and partners.

Building a closer relationship with Southern Cross Engineering in NZ

June 2016 - Mike visited Southern Cross Engineering (SCE) in New Zealand to build a closer relationship between Pneuvay and SCE. This is amidst the already very successful working relationship between the two which includes working together on a number of large conveying projects for power stations.

Prior to Michael's visit, Pneuvay and SCE had already identified a large number of opportunities for co-operation in Australia and New Zealand. The meeting allowed for a closer examination of these opportunities and included discussion on several large projects in the government, mining and industrial sectors.

Mike visits Southern Cross Engineering in New Zealand
Mike visits Southern Cross Engineering in New Zealand

Kongskilde in Bangkok with Michael Dahl

July 2016 - Michael visited the Kongskilde office in Bangkok. There he was introduced to Michael Dahl, the regional manager of the Kongskilde Asia division.

The two discussed design, supply and delivery schedules of components required for various projects and contracts in Australia were on track. It also was an opportunity for Kongskilde to reaffirm their commitment to growing support in the Australian and New Zealand region.

Pneuvay Engineering and Kongskilde

Pneuvay has represented Kongskilde in Australasia for over 30 years and supply a large selection of stock from their factory in Melbourne.

At present, a large Kongskilde component supply is used in the design and supply of several large security projects for Pneuvay in Melbourne. These components are being used extensively on paper and polymer waste handling systems.

Kongskilde range of products
Kongskilde range of products

Mike visits Vortex in UK

September 2016 - Michael visited the European divsion of Vortex (Darlington,UK) to have a face to face meeting with Travis Young, Vice President, Global Business Development & Marketing.

"As one of Australia’s leading pneumatic conveying companies, Pneuvay has been a great company to work with over the years.

Both organisations put a lot of value on integrity and providing customers with the best solids handling solutions on the market. Vortex really appreciates the kind of technical partnership we’ve enjoyed with Pneuvay over the past decade." said Travis.

Michael Francis with Travis Young at Vortex UK
Michael Francis with Travis Young at Vortex UK

Delivering Vortex equipment quickly and cost effectively

One of the major concerns between Vortex and Pneuvay is to how they can cost effectively get the equipment into Australia in a timely fashion.

"Getting equipment to Australia in a timely and cost effective manner is also a hurdle to overcome, but Pneuvay has helped make this a fairly straightforward exercise." stated Travis. 

With Mike meeting Travis, both had the opportunity to look at options on how they can cost effectively deliver these products into Australia at a faster rate.

Improving trading relationship

Aside from meeting Travis, Mike also had the opportunity to meet with the Vortex' sales team.

"Australia has always been a challenge for manufacturers, like Vortex, that do not have a direct engineering presence in the market. We must rely on the expertise of local companies like Pneuvay to address the often complex challenges people have in dry bulk material handling." said Travis.

Pneuvay has developed this trading relationship due to the superior local expertise they are able to provide when supplying Vortex products. Keeping up with the latest Vortex has to offer and how best these can be applied in the Australian market improves this relationship even further.

Enhancing product training for Pneuvay's engineers

Another big challenge Pneuvay and Vortex needed to face is product training for Pneuvay's engineers.

"The biggest challenge Michael and I discussed during his visit to the UK was further product training for Pneuvay’s engineers. Even though the UK shares the same business day with most of the working world, it is still a time zone and logistical problem, with South Eastern Australia.

"This is an especially poignant topic since Vortex has added several new product lines to our portfolio in recent years. Trying to explain highly technical equipment without a real world example in front of the audience is always difficult. " shared Travis.

The best way to further product train of Pneuvay engineers remains to be a work in progress, but it is something both Pneuvay and Vortex are closely working together to solve.

Pneuvay Engineering and Vortex

With over 40 years of experience specialising in the design and manufacture of components for the transport and flow control of dry bulk solids, Vortex is known globally for its innovative technologies that helps:

  • Improve solids process efficiency
  • Ensure dust-free environments
  • Establish long-term reliability

Pneuvay has been selling Vortex valves for 10 years in Australia. Some of its best selling products include:

  • Slide gates
  • Wye type diverters
  • Scale diverter valves
  • Orifice valves

Vortex Valve Products Via Pneuvay Engineering
Read more about Vortex Valve products

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