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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Pneuvay is proud to showcase a large-scale chocolate milk powder handling and blending plant recently completed in the Philippines by our engineering group (Pneu Powder Systems).

Our group designed and built this enormous system integration project in 12 months. The project was successfully delivered in October last year.

It was handed over on time and on budget, despite much of the project timeline being affected by the pandemic. Quite an achievement!

The scope of work involved the supply and integration of equipment and components that:

  • Received large volumes of sugar, creamer, cocoa, whey powder and milk powder
  • Stored these materials in eight storage silos, each 20 tonne capacity
  • Weighed and blended these materials with a flavouring and colouring premix
  • Continuously dispensed the blended final product for packing

Three types of pneumatic conveying are used to transfer materials throughout the plant:

The chocolate milk powder plant belongs to a large regional manufacturer of marketable high quality and economical food products. It upholds the highest standards in its food manufacturing and prides itself on continuous improvement. The detailed case study we have made on their new plant demonstrates our ability to deliver on projects of this size and complexity.

The showcase has the following sections:

Read on and enjoy.

Case study on chocolate milk powder handling and blending plant in the Philippines

Case study on chocolate milk powder handling and blending plant in the Philippines

Project services delivered

Our engineering group (Pneu Powder Systems) was awarded the tender to design and build the chocolate milk powder handling and blending plant in the Philippines primarily for its:

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Proven ability to deliver a project of that size
  • Ability to provide best value for money

Our total system approach meant that many of the project services we provide could be used. This comprehensive combination of services ensured the project was a complete success, being delivered on time and on budget.

Proposal for tendering and budgeting

Our experience in helping uncover concealed factors within and between the stages of a large food processing plant was invaluable when developing the project proposal. We refined an alternative solution that better optimised processing and added greater value without increasing costs. Further, as part of the proposal, we provided budgeting estimates for items such as ongoing maintenance and servicing. This allowed the proposed processing plant to be evaluated as a total cost over time, rather than just a setup cost.

Design and fabrication

The powder handling and blending systems needed to be designed and installed into existing factory buildings and structures. Our engineering team spent six months designing and planning the sophisticated food processing system.

The team’s extensive experience in developing these systems and the pneumatic conveying required to transfer these materials made sure their plan delivered on:

  • Meeting plant technical requirements
  • Proposed project time frames being achievable
  • Financial budgets met with no overruns
  • Modifications were not needed to buildings and structures

Custom equipment

Several pieces of custom equipment were required to be designed and fabricated. Our highly skilled engineers developed best-fit solutions for processes such as:

  • Camlock station controlling material flow from bagging stations into the plant
  • Trouser hopper feeding final product to the packing machines
  • Intake manifold attached to booster fan that distributes cool dry air into the plant

Operator training and manuals

Our team (Pneu Powders Systems) developed and supplied training for the operators when the commissioning of the plant was completed. User manuals for the equipment operation were made and supplied to use for reference during ongoing plant operation.

Project services delivered for chocolate milk powder handling and blending plant

Project services delivered for chocolate milk powder handling and blending plant

Further reading on this case study

This example of this powder handling and blending plant project is detailed and broken into several major sections including:

Need assistance with a powder handling or blending plant?

Pneuvay, as part of the Pneu Powders Systems group, operates as a market leader in system integration for powder handling and blending plants. Our coverage area stretches from the Asia-Pacific through to the Middle East and includes Australia and New Zealand.

We provide solutions to large and small food producers looking to:

  • Install new powder material systems
  • Expand production capacity
  • Upgrade existing powder material systems

Our group is specialised in system integration for a wide range of food products such as:

  • Bread and cereals producers
  • Animal and pet food makers
  • Special foods manufacturers
  • Drinks and sweets processors

More examples of food powder handling plants

This example of a powder handling and blending plant is the latest in a series of case studies from our engineering group. It clearly demonstrates our experience as a market leader in powder-based food processing plants. Our joining with the (Pneu Powder Systems) engineering group allows us to focus on servicing Australia and New Zealand as well as the Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

Case studies on other projects by the engineering group include:

Feel free to contact us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions in relation to the design and installation of a powder handling and blending plant. Our engineers are happy to help and provide the assistance you need. Call on 1300721458, contact us with our online form or message us on our Facebook page.

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